GearBest Reviewer inviting ( ROFIS TR10 XPL HI V3 Flashlight )

Thank you - I'm really happy to be the winner. I send you my address in a PM.

Congrats, looking forward to the review. I’m always looking for good cheap knives to recommend people with the interest in knives but not the funds to afford what I make.

Congrats Buwuve!

I purchased at a lower price (than now listed), but if you sweeten the deal I’ll pick up another color or two. :wink:

deals on, wish all of you can Like, looking forward to Buwuve’s reviewing too :wink:
16.99$ for Ganzo G720 Tactical Folding Knife with coupon: G720

All 3 colors. One for me, two for gifts. I’ll pick my color when I see them in hand. Thanks for the code.

Thanks for the coupon, best price ever. :wink:
That a good move that you now start selling high quality knifes.

According our supplier, this fishing Float is the first fishing Float which with the Wireless Bluetooth function, isn’t it? :bigsmile:

if you are a fisher lover, then please post any reveiw article about the fish gear, on 18th, I will pick the most suitable reviewer

welcome to join in :party: :party: :party:

If you want to buy it right now, then apply the coupon FishGB to get it at the price of $31.99

I have only reviewed flashlights, but I’d be interested in reviewing the smart fishing float. I’ve got the perfect setup for it down at the dock, and I have fished all of my life.

That video on the product page is hilarious btw; if you haven’t already, go watch it.

Hi unknown00101,

Thanks for your joining in.

welcome others to join in too.

I am also a big fishermen and spend lots of time fishing many different freshwater species. I’d love the opportunity to review the product!

Hi mizjif, thanks for your interests。

tomorrow will pick the reviewers, any one are still interested?

Hi mizjif and unknown00101,

Thansk for your joing in, More information, I will PM you.

sorry for any one who are interested in this item, as the supplier need to upgrade the float, so the sale time will be delay.

My review page (with Google translator):
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Mar 21th, 2017
review item

ROFIS TR10 18650 LED Flashlight - BLACK
coupon: 3RDGBFIS price: $30.99


1. please post at least 2 flashlight review examples here

2. must be active on BLF at least 3 month and log into BLF at least one time for one week

3. when received the products must be finished the review in 1 week

I will pick the most suitble reviewer on March 24th- 27th

1. Review: Imalent DM21TW supplied by Banggood [picture heavy]
Review: Klarus XT11GT XHP35 HI
Review: Wuben I333 IronMan

18650 ? ( 16340 )

thanks for pointing out that, it’s 16340, we will fix it soon

My latest reviews , thanks .

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