getting back to old TR-3T6

I have an old TR-3T6 that I wanted to repair since like 6 years ago. So I got 3 x T6’s (looks genuine) and a driver that I can’t remember specs (all bought many years ago). “Unloaded” with 2x18650 I measure 12.8v (high) from the leads. Isn’t that too high? I think 10v (which I get on low) is right for 3 x T6’s? Driver is dual board and has HX-1150B1 marking. Google search is not helping………thanks for any replies

TR-3T6 was an interesting light once resistor modded back in the day.
Came in two cell and 3 cell models.

This thread from way back may be helpful.

It’s a long thread but I think you will find all the information you need to help get a pair of your lights back up and running much brighter than stock.

Pour yourself a large mug of coffee before settling in to scan through the entire thread. It will take a while but it is worth it.

I still use my modded 2 cell version around the house from time to time.

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You’ve been sitting on the side lines for a while but now hopefully we can help you with a possitive outcome for those TR-3T6’s you have.