Give away! TrustFire MINIX

Second thread is on the Commercial Seller’s Spot.

I’d recommend adding something like [ENDED] to the subject, or to kindly ask sb to … make this thread invisible.

1 1 2, btw. :heart_eyes:

Does this still work? Little collection here!

My EDC rotation

Okay, I'm in, and here's my EDC. :-)

I hate to break it to you, but I think this giveaway already happened in another thread.

I think this one is the second time around. At least that’s what I saw in the forum just now. Did you enter the first time? If not you can do it again here. :slight_smile:

Nice looking light. Good luck players!


The link is this post here. :slight_smile:

This thread was created on August 9th, 2021.

The giveaway already came and passed.

There is no second giveaway (yet.)

If you think otherwise, you do not live in reality.

Oh damm that’s right lol. :person_facepalming: I didn’t bother to check the date this morning. Okay well I’ll just leave the photo here for next time then. Coincidently, there is 2 post from Trustfire with the same title? Maybe that’s what got me confused lol.

The funny thing was when you posted earlier that it happened already. I was like “What is he talking about??” lol. Okay, thanks for the bad news though. :innocent:

I wish I would have entered the giveaway in the other thread when it happened.

I didn't know enough about the TrustFire Minix at the time to know that I wanted one.

Oh, well. This way I get to pick the exact color that I want.

Why would you use reality to spoil someone elses fantasy.

Haha yeah, I think I was in VR land this morning. :smiley:

raccoon city... spoiler of fantasies!

giveaway winners: what aux led did you get ?

red, or UV?


Why not putting this thread to rest and using the official one?

idk, apparently ppl are still reading this one

Winners have been announced in the other thread:

This thread is not “valid”, as far as I know…