Giveaway - Massive Cancer Fundraiser Giveaway (Multiple prizes available)

$600 raised with just over a month remaining. Feel free to ask questions if you have them.

A little over a month left to join in on the giveaway

Only 8 people are entered so far, which means really good chances to win a prize. Not much time left to get in on the giveaway

December bump. Deadline closing

One week left! BTW I have an appointment in Boston on the drawing day for a checkup on everything. I might be home later than the 6:30p drawing time BUT I will do the drawing as soon as I get home (if it is after 6:30, otherwise goes on as scheduled)

less than 24 hours until drawing. Anyone who donated prior to the drawing will be a entered. I may not have time to update the list to right before the drawing since I’ll be in Boston all day tomorrow but I will update it and post the list prior to drawing

We all respect> Let me tell you the TRUTH about cancer research:

“Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organizations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them.” - Linus Pauling PhD (Two-time Nobel Prize winner).

Have you ever wondered why, despite the billions of dollars spent on cancer research over many decades, and the constant promise of a cure which is forever “just around the corner”, cancer continues to increase?


Thats just an 30 year old quoute brought out of its context. But I guess that kind of quotes is great fuel for conspiracy theories.

My dear friend. I have many colleagues (Doctors) who acknowledge that Big Pharma DO NOT promote correct treatment to patients, because simply >Cancer is their main income. You don’t have to eat toxic cocktails and put your head in the microwave. Only dumb people agree to go through such ridiculous treatment.

Do your homework, many legal and official documents are available online to support my so call conspiracy :wink:

Ormbett> Don’t be so puerile. Do you know what is the real name of conspiracy? > Simply Buisness plan.
Big Pharma Industry+Government connection. Nothing else.

When people donate “for Cancer” they provide found for more lobbying.

Only frightened kids on youtube like to use “conspiracy theories” :_( in the real world, it’s heavy duty lobbying. Business.

Not nice to read, but reality is harsh.

Thank you for your understanding

Allow me to share my thoughts. Regardless of the possibility of such scams, Livincloud couldn’t be expected to investigate whether the organisation he is willing to donate to is a scammer.

All he does is promoting kindness, which I feel is slowly sapping away from humans. If the organisation receiving the donation turns out to be a scammer, the brains behind that have their own conscience to answer to.

In the same vein, lets continue to encourage such laudable initiative for the common good.

CityCoffee, because you know EXACTLY everything about DCC, right? For you to make that claim about the organization I am trying to raise money for is ABSOLUTE BS. I am normally a really nice, understanding guy but for you to make those claims about something that almost took my life, GO EFF YOURSELF! BTW THIS ISN’T BIG PHARMA (so you might want to do your own research first. ITS A NFL TEAM RAISING MONEY FOR A FOUNDATION THEY FOUNDED AND COMPLETELY FUND OUT OF THEIR OWN PAYROLL!

It has nothing to do with the money raised and no cure. If you honestly believe these cancer centers take money and purposely avoid finding the cure then you are the biggest idiot in the world. Its not about the money! How many researchers do you think have lost someone close to them due to cancer and yeah they totally know how to cure it but don’t since its purely a money grab scam? Well according to your statement that would be NONE aka absolute BS! Everyone has someone close to them touched by cancer in one way or another. If it really was a money grab scam then you’d surely believe that they would find the cure and charge insurance companies a boat load for the medicine., they’d make more money doing it that way. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about and you should just shut your mouth, especially when it comes to bashing on something someone is doing to raise money for cancer that almost took their life! Your “respect” is a backhanded slap to the face and you are the first person who has given “respect” or kind words about what I have faced and I honestly don’t care that you said it due to what you said after.

Not saying all cancer research foundations are like the DCC but if you do ANY research into them you will see that 100% of money raised does go to cancer research. They dont have a payroll, they dont have any expenses, they are purely raising money for research. All the payroll is within the Miami Dolphins. Do you really think the Dolphins would scam anyone like this? Do you know how quickly they’d be kicked out of the NFL? (those last two statements are irrelevant to the point but seriously?)

CityCoffee, if you dont want to donate then dont, idc, but DONT bad mouth an organization you have ZERO knowledge of! There will always be idiots in this world who believe every conspiracy theory online. Heck, I bet you are one of the people who believe 9/11 was an inside job too………Im done with this convo since its absolute rubbish. Im off of here until the drawing since CC has royally pissed me off

Please, I have a family member who passed away last year because of those criminal doctors ! This is the reality. After making some research, we realized that people who have been treated by non-official protocol managed to recover at higher rate than the big pharma way. So, let me tell you, what kills people is the way they believe in modern medicine and ignore all the rest. Sad but true. They eat shit, and nobody tell them WHAT is the real cause of cancer.

I am really sorry to hurt your feeling. Yes, Cancer is related to big money and it ain’t a secret. In fact it is such a big business that those companies who manufacture the protocol need to lobby every years like hell to defend the idea of chemotherapy benefit. The truth is> chemo is a scam! More and more Specialists are laughing at those rubbish, but because they get some serious incentive they keep silent. What should you denounce those who pay you so well?

I bring information that are already well accepted by a majority of the people. Anybody can google “cancer scam” you will find what really is hidden behind “poor cancer stuff”

I don’t care about your center. I am fed-up with EVERY-BODY asking for funds and donation, finally, the only result is :


IS THAT LOGIC? So, go blame the ignorant people who believe in bs. Not me.

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”

(I am not rude, I am just realistic)

BTW: I never wrote a single word about 9/11 or criticized the implication of the Mossad in that mess.
So, keep your conspiracies for others.

I am trying to join/ donate but it is not working. It is asking for you to sign in and check out the issue.

The dolphins link page worked. All is well. Thank you for bringing us this opportunity to help fight cancer.

Ok. It works on my side now! Here is the active link:

CLOSED! 25 entries and doing the drawing now


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I have backups just in case anyone doesn’t want their item for any reason. Check your PMs if listed above :slight_smile:

Thanks again to everyone who participated. I greatly appreciate the support and will keep every single one of you in mind when I’m on the 100 mile bike ride in February. I’m probably going to have a custom shirt, patch, something made up with all of your names on it to wear while I am cycling, you all rock!

EDIT: I sent everyone who won a PM. If you did not get it for whatever reason, please feel free to PM me. Tomorrow I will be doing a GORuck event for Sandy Hook so I will not be available to return messages until later in the day. Everything is already packaged up and just waiting for your addresses to be added to the package.

Wow! I’m top!!! Thanks Livinloud! And thank you for bridging the gap between humanity and kindness!

Good luck. Thank you for setting this up.

Has anyone on this thread heard from livinloud? He purchased a bunch of lights from me and I wanted to make sure he got them but haven't heard from him since. He's been offline coinciding with our last communication and I was wondering if everything's ok. Please PM me if you know how I can contact him.