Giveaway: Rider RX 7075-AL AA/14500 EDC Flashlight with Fidget

My favourite model is ACEBEAM K30-GT.

The K30-GT combines brightness, long range and compact format in an excellent way. But It is a real difficult choice among all models from my favourite brand.

Tank you for this opportunity Acebeam!

I like the TK17-TI 18350 battery makes it small and the Ti makes it light
I don’t have a Acebeam yet will this GAW be my first?
Thanks for the giveaway

Ooh, I like to fidget.

Favorite Acebeams are my EC50s, 1 stock and 1 modded.

Not possible to pick a single favorite but the H50 looks interesting.

Thanks for another giveaway, Acebeam!

I dream of getting myself a fantastic ACEBEAM X80GT 2 :laughing:

I enjoy pocket lights and am glad that Acebeam continues to make such offerings.

Thanks Acebeam.

Gotta catch em all, Rider RX :smiley:

My favourite is the Rider RX 7075-AL.

I own 2 Acebeam lights.
K40M and K75
Great lights, top notch quality.
K75 is perfect thrower.

EC 65 with Nichia. I use it almost every day. Great flood, great color rendering.

My favourite light out of all mine is the copper tk16.

My favorite acebeam model is the w30

Copper TK-16 with the osrams one of my favs.

My favorite is the Acebeam TK17 Ti.

Expensive light, but I got mine at a big discount. Easily modded too, which is always a plus.

E70-AL CRI95 is my favourite Acebeam flashlight. One of the best compact flashlights available for night photography illumination.

The SS E70 is my favorite, hope to have one soon.

Thanks for the giveaway, ACEBEAM!

My only Acebeam flashlight is the E70-AL, but I will get another if a new release appeals to me.

The E70-AL is my favorite floody flashlight, but please do not include me in this giveaway.


My only Acebeam so far is my X45ii, but it is the one that started my collection and the one I trust for extended runtime when I’ll be out for days.

Favorite light would have to be the acebeam x45. Thanks for the giveaway!