Giveaway - TWO Tank007 M10 lights - Courtesy of Tmart. - WE HAVE WINNERS!

thanks. i am in

I’m in. Thanks OL.

I’m in. Thanks

In, thx O-L!

count me in and thanks again O-L

Thanks O-L. I’m in.


What can I say? I like small lights. In please, and thanks OL.

I’m in, thanks!

I’m in. Thanks!

I’m in! Thanks!

I’m in. If I win, I would like whichever one is more throwy but I know it’s up to you. Just stating my preference in case it matters.

I can’t resist 16340 lights… I’m in.

I love august :heart_eyes: :bigsmile: Thanks, Old, I’m in :beer:

I’m not in… BUT…

How did you open the $#%’ing head? I’ve got two M10’s (of obviously different generations) and I can’t get into either one of them!


woo i love BLF giveaways… count me in please :slight_smile:

Count me in :)


Sounds awesome.

Thanks O-L!

please count me in… thanks OL :slight_smile:

Count me in and thanks OL.