Glock Announces New Full Size .45ACP

HaHa! +1. I love it and I love my cheap hi-point!

Have had a 1st gen G17 for 20+ years. Stole $350 total in original box with an extra factory mag, 45acp G36 single stack and love it about 4 years. Owned a few other Glocks like many other weapons I’ve owned that someone wants more than me and got sold. Down to one 1911 and it tuned for LSWC 200gr. It’s a paper shooting sucker like no other but that is it’s use. Just isn’t a carry weapon.

Oh, Erik.

". . . exposed hammer . . . Brinks . . ."


I have these 3 Glocks and I don't see the resemblance to the Hi-Point, but I would sell all 3 before I sold my 1911.

that was pretty good. i am in the market for a glock and always wanted a 1911. almost bit

with all the safeties also the target is safe

Same here..My 1911 is strickly a paper puncher..It has an old Bo Mar Heavy Rib with Lock Up Ramp..I could match or better my 22 scores at timed and rapid fire.

I also, had, which I should have never sold, 3 1911 modified by the late James Clark. I had the Long Slide, a standard one, and 38 super modified to shoot 38 wadcuters.. All by James Clark and had his sig on each one.. The one I have now, was done up by the Marine Corp amrours at Quantico. She will only function with 3.5 grains bulleyes and 200 grain cast. Man, I missed those days...

Setting around talking the chit before a match. Oh, and the sandbagging... Wink

Look like the old man has got to make a trip to the range this week to squeeze off a couple.. Wink

I won't go into extensive detail, but my 1911 is modified to shoot .45 super as well as standard .45 acp rounds. It is far more accurate than any of my other pistols. I really like my new baby .45 acp Glock for concealed carry, but if I could only keep one pistol it would be the 1911.

Love 1911 talk. WinkI forgot I had James Clark make me up a Colt Commander for carry. That was accurized to shoot hardball power loads. It had a bo mar low profile adjustable rear, and a fast draw front. With all the work and the gun, it only cost me about $300 Right now that gun worth $$$$.

Let me end this here because I will talk you crazy on the 1911..

BTW, US Armed Forces had the 1911 as official sidearm for 52 years. Until NATO came up and wanted to standardize pistols.. Frown

Nice chatting with you...