going camping....whats the brightest headlamp $40 can buy?

my H6 pulls 2.8a

I don’t have one so I can’t speak from experience, but that SC30 looks pretty versatile. A bright headlamp that can serve as a handheld or clip-on. Fair runtimes too, plus the price ain’t bad.

I have the original Zebralight H600 which I love, but for $38-39 I’d easily go for the UF-H6!
I have both the UF-H2 and UF-H3, but the H6 sounds like a much more versatile light for the money, and with a nicer non-blue tint to boot.

Love the Zebralights myself, have the H31, H600, SC60 and the SC600, but I wouldn’t buy a 16340 light as a campinglight, good as a pocket-edc, but too short runtime, go for a 18650-light instead.

I have had very good luck camping with THIS which does both flood and throw and is 1X18650.

It is an extremely versatile combination.

It’s more comfortable to wear than my other UF-HX series lights, but would not be as water resistant if you are camping in the rain.

Don’t have the UF-H6 yet for a beam comparison, but it is a very bright light.


looks to me the uf h6 is the winner. anybody know how this compares vs …say like the $100 sparks or zebra lights? not sure of the models, but i remember seeing Going Prepared’s videos on youtube, and he mentioned these are the brightest darn lights available.

oh, what do you guys think of the zoomie headlamps? my friend has one, it was a titelight model. but that company doesnt seem to be around anymore.

UF-H6 hands down for the money!

Nothing near the price is close to the UF-H6. Anybody recommending othe headlamps has not seen the H6. This thing OWNS the sub- $80 category completely! As for the Zebralight, the OP was asking about a headlight, for pity’s sake!

Nothing near the price is close to the UF-H6. Anybody recommending othe headlamps has not seen the H6. This thing OWNS the sub- $80 category completely! As for the Zebralight, the OP was asking about a headlight, for pity’s sake!

ok that confirms it, i will be placing my order on tuesday. so where is everybody buying their uf-h6? i just want one from a reputable seller, and not one that will send a faulty h6.
from what ive been reading, seems like manafont or official ultrafire shop. same price about $39 free shipping.

im still open to suggestions until tuesday …just incase theres more options.

Link to the UltraFire Site, the H6 product page is HERE

A link to the discussion about this flashlight, and where members are getting it, is HERE

Got mine in Washington state 8 days after ordering from Ultrafire shop. Fastest I’ve ever gotten anything from China.

THis one, it’s a TR-3T6 clone: Amazon.com

These xml x3 aren’t really 3800, but I think they are over 1800+ lumens on high. Good quality batteries will cost u like additional 15-20 bucks tho and don’t forget shipping.

Uhm yeah, headlight.. hey, why not. :D

I still use a c8 in a niteize head strap, works great, still pocketable, can be used as a normal flashlight the rest of the time, can be had for $20 or so.

I like the look of these little angle head lights, but just not sure they’d work as well for me.

Oh, and try and find a head light that out throws a well driven q5 in a c8 reflector…… Mine draws about 1.5a or so from limpfire 3000’s and generally manages a good six - eight hours on off use, flicking through modes as is necessary, or put another way, I keep two 18650’s in the van, one in the light, one in the plastic case, I rarely recharge more than twice a month :bigsmile:

My brother has a 300 LUMEN FOREHEAD BONFIRE from Bright Medic (currently on sale for $29.95). He loves it and I’ve been pretty impressed as well. It was designed for rescue personnel, so it’s more of a professional grade product (real, functional lens and everything), and you’re not going to find it at camping stores. It has adjustable spread/throw and is bright enough to damage your eyes if you stare at it. After my brother got his, our dad had to get one himself, and at this sale price (which I didn’t know about until I just looked up the site) I’m thinking I might have to get one myself.

Coincidentally enough my brother (the primary mechanical designer for Jenesis International ) is working on a proposal for the bosses to try and convince them to let us design our own headlamp.

Forget all those headlamps, get a Fenix HL30 and do your job. The advantages?A lot:
-A quality product that you can trust,
-within price range,
-Current controlled levels no PWM
–2 AA batteries, easily found everywhere in all cases

I would never trust a ultrafire headlamp with lithium battery in my head, as most suggest here.

my friend with the zoomie headlamp said the same thing with 18650 batteries which is why his headlamp uses 3aaa’s.
it was pretty bright, and that zoomable feature is very cool.

but i wanted something brighter than his. i thought it was only unsafe if you use multiple 18650 or cr123’s?

well, anyways, i just went ahead and ordered the uf h6 from manafont tonight. thanks your guys suggestions.
i sure hope its brighter than my buddies…

There is a small posibility for a lithium to explode. Small, but exists. I wouldn’t like it to explode in my head. This is why i use lithium batteries only with hand flashlights.
Also, a ultrafire flashlight, with low quality electronics, have higher possibility to make a battery explode. This is why i use AA based headlamps and of a quality one, batteries&flashlights.
Anyway, the most possible is that you won’t have any problems and i hope you won’t have bad luck!