Golisi 26650 4300 mah (gold) x NI 40 90.2 - where to buy originals?

I’ve been looking at the HKJ tests on this battery and I was very curious how the NightWatch NI 40 90.2 would work using them, does anyone know if it would be the best 22650 battery? I found it at Fasttech to sell but I don’t know if they are original, where could I find them? Tanks!

It is the best high drain 26650 as far as I know. The Aspire 4300mAh is the same cell. The aspire is more widely available, but I don’t know about in Brasil.

EasyB … I didn’t know it was the same cell, for looking for them too, the problem is in finding who to send to Brazil. After the pandemic, I can’t buy any more cells.

One of the best cells is Orbtronic 5750mAh IMR, up to 22A continuous discharge
See some tests here.
Watch out because it is on the fat side 26.7mm may not fit in some lights.

Unfortunately like you said problem is if you can get them to Brazil, I think Orbtronic ships abroad but I have no idea if that includes Brazil :frowning:

Or Shockli
May actually be the same cell inside, no idea, again little fatter then typical at 26.7mm diameter

Looks like MNT is shipping to Brazil

Edit: Review from HKJ

From this review it looks like NightWatch NI40 tube ID is 27.1mm so 26.7mm battery should fit no problem.
Of course if you have caliper you can easily check ID yourself.

The shockli 5500mAh (and maybe the same cell as the orbtronic) is probably the best all around 26650, but the aspire has significantly lower IR, so if you want the most performance (at least at the beginning) then the aspire is the better cell.

Agree with but please check out review I linked and 2 graphs in post #9 and #10

There was no Aspire in that test but I think OT 47A 4350mA could be similar (very high current cell, not available anymore apparently).
First graph shows about 300lm more for about 2-3 minutes then it gets closer. At 4000lm levels I doubt you will see 300lm difference. I agree with you though that of course it is more :slight_smile:

The second graph shows that with OT/Shockli you get almost 1h of “full” power when on that other OT cell you get 0.45min.

I guess is up to OP if he wants longer runtime sacrificing some output at the beginning or max at start and does not care about how long it will last.

You can get the Vapcell version of the same cell. Vapcell got a better batch with higher capacity and lower resistance as tested by Mooch. I also tested the capacity on my Vapcells and Golisi and the Vapcells have about 200mah additional capacity over the Golisi IIRC

Looks like Aspire is available directly from them, seems shipping to Brazil available, at list it gives estimate (not cheap :-()

Yes Arek98 they are sending to Brazil, but the Shockli 26650 that they have I have here …. I would really like to find the Gosili 4300mah …. I saw that there is it at Fasttech but I would like to know if they are original ….

Is this Vapcell SKV89 …. Vapcell 32A 4200mAh 26650 (purple)?

But the Shockli is still better than the Aspire … in the analysis of HKJ, Golisi is still better than Shockli. Aspiring them to come to Brazil is really expensive …. around $ 30 just for transportation.