Good cheap headlamp

I’ve got a Sofirn sp40 which is great and usually can find coupons or something to get it around 25.

Convoy makes one too which I don’t have but looks similar and may or may not be more mod friendly.

Skilhunt H03

Hmmm… Not really cheap perhaps…

Don’t do that 6 headed monster, you will just end up ordering another headlight till you get a real quality one.
That thing is going to weigh ton with the dual battery pack on the back.
I have a headlight with that battery pack and they weigh so much that over time the elastic in the headband gets stretched and weak.
Pretty much guarantee it will also have horrible low freq. PWM and crap tint.

Just order this and don’t look back.
If it does not suit, you can send it back for refund (but I bet you won’t) ;

Available in Cool White or Neutral.
Currently 29.99 - 5% coupon = 28.49 and this includes a good 3400Mah battery and Thrunite quality build.
Have the reg Wowtac A2 and love it. Good mode spacing, great headband and just quality. Battery runs forever.

The headbands with no strap over the top will eventually drive you crazy.

Good luck with whatever you chose.

Why no one mentionned the Astrolux Headlamp? Astrolux HL01 1200Lumen magnetic angle/headlight groupbuy Its the best for the money. And for 35 dollars and can have a battery and charging it with the USB port.

I highly recommend the D10. Here’s my Boruit D10 Mod.

I also have a multi-LED cheapo headlamp made by Rayovac. It’s not that bright and has a terrible tint. I then bought a better Rayovac single LED headlamp, but that was still barely adequate. It was much brighter and the tint was also better. But the brightness would constantly step down, even with 3 AAA eneloop batteries, which was really annoying when working on something. I also sanded down the plastic lens to diffuse the beam, but I still didn’t like to use the headlamp.

The D10 is so much better! I also think the driver/firmware is good. It has 5 levels and rarely do I use the high mode since the others are bright enough. And for around $11 with internal USB charging, it’s a bargain.

BORUiT Headlamp Xm-l 3x CREE T6 LED Headlight 18650 Light, Charger, Battery. $20.95 US’
I have this one and it is very bright but bulky.

For under 25 USD, the Sofirn/Boruit D25 or D10 are very good and lots of mod options. Jaxman also sells host for their angle light the E1 . I’ve built a couple for friends and they’re very well made although chunkier and heavier compared to other angle lights.

Not really. I’d feel bad if I modded it and broke it :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a 319A in another project 70 cri 5000k I got in a sale from mtn. It’s a nice led I’m driving it at 3.5 amps. I’d probably keep the 5050 size and go sst40. Can you swap the driver? Is that hard?

Yes, I got the same 319AT from MTN. The MCPCB was perfect for the D10 since the plus/minus contact pads were on the same side and I didn’t have to extend a wire.

I kept the stock driver so I’m not sure how hard it would be to replace.

I don’t feel that H03 is worth paying 4 times the price of D10 as long as price has any significance.

4 times?
It depends, but lately it seems even the “old” H03 has gone up in price.
I bought mine for around $ 26 each, on sale or with a coupon code though.

I remembered $40 on a good deal but apparently wrong. $30 on a good deal. $26 is superb.

Ah, maybe it was € 26

Yes, that must have been it.

This is risky to the direction of this thread I know but can I add red to the requirements ?

What about a good cheap headlamp with decent red light ?

I have many headlamps. D10 is best bang for the buck imo.
Convoy H1 is easy to mod. It’s only 18.86 with coupon now.

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