Good lubricant for O rings and threads?

I’m amazed no one’s linked CPF’s thread on the matter. It’s very comprehensive.

I use Super Lube on everything.

There's seems to be many variants of super lube. Is the one you're talking about link

Yes, that’s the one. US amazon link.

Thanks, might get a tube never tried it before.

Nitecore Silicon Lube.

Liteflux Silicone Lube. Enough for the next years… :laughing:


Molykote 55
Molykote 111



The “preferred” Super Lube 21030 Synthetic Grease is also sold at most Harbor Freight stores, so those fortunate (or unfortunate?) enough to live near one can use one of their ubiquitous 20% off coupons for an even better deal (which CAN be combined with a free flashlight coupon = flashaholic Nirvana).

So many choices, but there are basically only 2 types:

  1. hydrocarbon based (petroleum)
  2. silicone based

Vaseline/petroleum jelly
Mineral oil
Food oils
Waxes like paraffin and beeswax
Super Lube
Nano Oil

The greases sold by most flashlight brands
Plumbing and scuba greases, I hear

YES, the beloved Nyogel and Nano Oil are petroleum-based. Don’t take my word for it, here’s the MSDS of Nano Oil:\_.pdf

- Highly Solvent Refined Paraffinic Petroleum Oil

- Extremely Hydrotreated Heavy Naphthenic Mineral Oil

  • Detergent, Inhibitor & Dispersant System Highly refined Mineral base Stock distillates
    So those o-rings that work with Nano Oil? I think they’ll be fine with vaseline.

But the way I see it, hydrocarbon greases are the safest bet. As flydiver said, both petroleum and silicone o-rings will be resistant to hydrocarbon/petroleum greases.
BUT silicone greases will attack silicone o-rings. We’re just lucky no flashlight manufacturer uses silicone o-rings.

It says dielectric. Shouldn't make any difference, but if a flashlight had a mechanical lockout and the anodized threads were just a little worn, wouldn't the dielectric grease make it even easier to make electrical contact and disable the mechanical lockout?

Nothing like this:

Use it for anything you can imagine but the best use is for guns and flashlight threads. It stays on threads almost forever in any type of environment.

My recommendation as all in one lube. I use it for years and I used some expensive stuff before that can not match it so I know how it works and I can recommend that to everybody.

Nice that I learn as I read this thread. But there’s one lube I’ve been using and it’s lithium grease.

Was told that it is bad for flashlight but can’t remember why. Petroleum based like vaseline maybe? I’m not sure
Maybe I should spend some time googling before I comment.

So far I like it because it is white. If it is grey or black I know its time to clean. (hopefully it’s not eating my light or orings as I used it for 3 years and still looking good)

Should make it easier to lockout. The dielectric grease is an insulator.

When used on an electrical connection the pressure that pushes the contacts together is enough to displace the grease. The remaining grease surrounds the connection and isolates it. This insulates from voltage leaks and helps prevent corrosion by sealing off the air and moisture.

So if your threads are still anodized well, allowing a mechanical lockout, then a grease with dielectric properties will only help.

And if anodizing is worn then it might prevent a connection, but if threads are makin connection before the grease is applied then its probably creating enough pressure to push the grease out of the contact area.

Maybe it’s just my inability to tell good from bad but I’ve never found any differences in one lube from another when used on flashlights or guns, assuming periodic cleaning. I’ve never had an o-ring fall apart or any issues somehow related to lubrication (as far as I can tell) so I’m wondering how people decide that one is better than another?

Grease stays on rails and threads longer than oil of course but that’s seemingly about the only thing I’ve really noticed or care about.

A quart of Mobil 1 is cheap and will last forever when used on flashlights and guns :slight_smile:

Good info thanks

For 15 years I use this product.
Is very firm and stable, sticky, hard to wash,
Silicone lubes looks like butter, comparing with this :slight_smile:

marine lubes are the best!

Sorry for the necro. I just happen to have WD-40 at hand. Is it harmful for the battery wrappers and protection circuits? I had to use it to remove a protected battery that got stuck in a tight tube and I wonder how good should I clean it up.

I use a lube from mechanical keyboards which I found in a drawer. Krytox.

WD40 is basically mineral oil mixed with parts cleaner. Assuming you wiped it off right away and the labels are still stuck to the cell, I would think that you are OK, though it might be a good idea to let any WD that might have got in the positive vents to drain/dry out by leaving the cell upside down before using.