Good Sellers That Post To The UK ?

I started out buying my flashlights from ebay and still get a few from there but find there’s quite a few sellers selling crap and I’ve had to put some claims in for some that are clearly fakes and poor quality so I’ve started buying else were,
I’ve only bought from banggood so far and they seem great just wondering which are the better sellers that sell to the UK I’ve seen on here there is a few but not sure if its worth ordering from the UK so any recommendations would be appreciated

There is a fellow member here that may have the goods your after.

Yes, James from 3tronics.

Excellent service from James.

I’ve purchased a few thing’s from Amazon but you have to be careful when it’s coming from a third party seller. I can’t think of anywhere else in the UK.

All of the other seller’s I’ve used have been over in China, Shenzhen Convoy Electronics on AliExpress, International Outdoors, Kaidomain, Banggood, Fastech and Gearbest.

I haven’t used Richard from Mountain Electronics over in the US but he’s highly recommended.

Simons store on AliExpress
I like AE since fake stuff means refund (got a trust fire C8 and a Sky Ray King for free atm so when starting modding the Sky Ray King we begin with a $0,- host, nice bang for no buck ;))

7DayShop are excellent for general items such as NiMH batteries. BangGood and GearBest seem okay in my limited experience. I bought some Keeppower batteries from a UK ebay seller, seems legit, I can give you details if you want.

Cheers for all the replies i’ll be checking them out later some I’ve heard of others not but its nice to hear the ones that can be trusted, so far my collection has reached about 75 flashlights and as time goes on I seem to be spending more and more on each light :bigsmile: so don’t want to be getting fakes lol well reduce the risks anyway think my most expensive one to date was about £60 but its going up haha 3tronics sounds good been in the UK and banggood I’ve bought a couple of warsun from which were well packed and arrived quite fast, took just under 2 weeks to arrive so I don’t mind waiting if the sellers/shop is good and reliable :slight_smile:

I now source things from Europe- Fenix GmBH are excellent as are Neolumen, the pound/euro rate is good at the moment which helps. I have also bought quite a few items from HK Equipment in Hong Kong who are very competitive and there is a discount code somewhere on this forum (or try CPF). HKE also sell on eBay and will accept a best offer if you are not too greedy. Also try S. Korea, Gooddigitalshop or air jaeho- I just got a Claymore lantern in the post from there, postage is reasonable. Finally China, I use the dreaded GearBest but always pay the extra for express post, tracking and insurance. Yodel deliver the items using this method and it usually only takes 7-10 days, costs about £6.

I think ebay is going to lose a lot of sales torch wise lol I don’t mind paying more postage for more expensive ones as its not worth the risk in them getting lost or the hassle of claiming your money back or getting them resent which has happened a few times, through some times I get the feeling the items weren’t posted in the first place

I’ve seen a few of these sellers advertise on the left hand side of the forum page but its nice to hear from other people which they trust, I’m always a bit wary of just buying stuff from web pages you haven’t actually typed in a search engine lol

Freeme on this site provides coupons that can be used at BangGood etc, sometimes you get a very good discount, I won’t give examples as he does not want this publicised, apparently if the manufacturers find out they don’t like it, and get the coupon cancelled.

Also HKEquipment sometimes do flash sales on this forum, some amazing deals have appeared, but you have to be quick.