GREEN flashlights

[re: Oilight] Eep! 60bux is “on sale”??

Thanks! I have the Kelly Green Astrolux MF01 and call it my Green Monster. This thing is awesome. I also have the D4v2 in gray already and really like this light. one of my top lights for sure.

Never heard of this light! Will take a look, thanks!

Thanks for the suggestions. I really like the design of the Klarus lights but the ones i’ve owned i haven’t liked. I might pick up the Klarus Mi7, thanks!

I have an orange Astrolux A01 which i do like!

Thanks guys. I love my previous blue S2+. It was kind of a surpise light for me. I did pick another green one up and included the short tube (and deep carry clip in black). I did go with the x6 driver which was a last minute decision. Might regret and wish i went with the x4. We’ll see.

I already have a FT03, but the deep green is sweeeeet. I wish i would have picked up this one!

ugh, I’m REALLY mad i missed this. What was the price for the Olight S2R II?

You know, it is also available with the SST-40 or XHP50.2. Don’t you need both? :wink: