Greenish SST20

Well since about 8% of men are color blind and 0.5% of women are color blind, and preferences vary, this topic shall always be spoken of differently by different people.

Kidding aside. I don’t like green either, and most say the SST-20 is greenish.

The main thing with this is that this preference for a below the black body body source over established color accuracy, doesn’t translate outside of the flashlight tint/CRI enthusiast white wall hunter group. Or, at least, I have not seen it yet. You might be fine looking at white walls comparing which light looks most below BBL, and might be content with low R9/color accuracy. Museums and art galleries, the main customers to these high CRI emitters are not; hence the attention being paid to high R9. Companies like Xicato aren’t selling their products with slogans like “guaranteed Below BBL tint”. They push for the tightest MacAddam bins on the the BBL, not below it. They publish their R9/CRI scores which push darn near perfection.

While some might be content with lower R9 and a distorted color of light, entities like the National Portrait Gallery are not. Further, while you say that it’s “all subjective and preference” there are those whose job it is to set forth standards, the Illuminating Engineering Society, to get it right and establish those high caliber standards, and they do as they are a highly qualified organization on this. I wish to stress that subjective lighting characteristics can be misleading. The IESs’ metric TM-30, includes saturation ratings, these tint mixed emitters that certain flashlight enthusiasts like don’t show any substantial improvement in that. What established metric do you know of that rewards points for looking the rosiest compared to a 219B? How does looking subjectively rosy sell fresh produce or enhance the experience of presidential portraits? It, this quirky preference for Below the BBL emitters just doesn’t translate well outside of a small community within a small community in very specific environments.

If you want an emitter that enhances those reds, greens, what have you focus on the gamut ratings—R (g).

They’re certainly not using flashlights to illuminate priceless artwork. For something like that, I’d want the most accurate lighting possible.

It seems a bit silly to judge someone for using bass-boosting headphones at home because they’re not suitable for professional audio engineers at recording studios. Pink emitters are the flashlight equivalent of turning the bass up on a stereo.

I started to feel conflicted reading a comparison of pink-tinted emitters to exaggerated bass, but I had to step back a second to figure out what my actual perspective for comparison is:

I’ve heard bass boosted on gear that keeps it tight, accurate, and with distinguishable tones. I’ve also listened to a pair of Beats headphones. I’d say the muddy bass I experienced on the Beats was analogous to what I’d expect from a full-stop minus green filter on a 219B driven at maximum rated current, behind an aspheric with tint shift comparable to an Atomic Beam.

In short, boosted bass does not mean the same thing as bad bass. Non-neutral tint does not mean the same thing as bad tint.

Good comparison me thinks.

Think of this;
Could the lead engineer mix Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon the same/as well 30 years after they did being that their ears would have suffered the unavoidable effects of human aging? No way.
Jet fighter pilots eyes will eventually lose their razor sharp focus, as such our eyes will change as we age and we will find different tints to our liking that many years prior would not look good to us.
So as such Tint is purely a personal and subjective thing, there is no universal right or wrong, it’s “What looks Good to YOU” that is the most important just as the way you mix your audio is what you need/like.

Finally, the old saying “Looking at Life through Rose Colored glasses” has new meaning to me now as I get closer to 60 years old. :slight_smile:

For the record, definitely prefer the tight crisp Bass of a good 10” long excursion woofer to the flub, flub of 15” subs with lots of 100hz boost.
Your Tint may/will vary.


That’s what I was thinking to myself the other night. I must’ve got a bit caught up in wanting to quantify this preference.