Greeting from Texas...

Welcome to BLF from another fellow Texan :slight_smile:

36 degrees Fahrenheit (2 Celsius ) and dropping in Houston. :open_mouth:

Yikes! Not much better than here! I hope it doesn’t snow much on ya! lol.

-Jamie M.

Wow…thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

Yeah as Alex GT pointed out it is uncharacteristically cold today with icy road conditions. I am usually playing tennis in shorts in December. Not used to having seasons in Texas.

So my collection and addiction started with the Maratac AA and AAA and quickly spread once I became a frequent DX and aliexpress patron.

I currently mostly have Ultra Fires,…C3, couple of C6s, T6,…

My daily carry is usually a Unique Fire 501B,…or a smaller Unique Fire S10.

And then there is the double 18650, triple emmiter Fandy Fire STL-V2 every time I venture out into the woods hammock camping and backpacking.

Welcome to BLF, about time we got some more Texans in here! :slight_smile:

Getting ready to watch Baylor beat Texas tomorrow in their last game in the old stadium, might be an icy one but it’s almost guaranteed to be a good one! :wink:

As they’ve said, there will be a lot of temptation for you, so lock up the credit card and unplug the internet when you see those ads you have trouble resisting! My little collection has now grown to over 30, with another on the way. :slight_smile:

Have fun, catch ya on the flip flop.

Welcome to BLF! Enjoy your stay.


DBCstm…ouch…As a third generation Longhorn alumni that bleeds orange,…it pains me to have to agree that your Bears are by far the better team this year and will probably best my Horns tomorrow.

I just hope that UT “shows up” to make it competitive and a good game. It will be a cold one indeed-

Yeah, I saw your new stadium going up on my way up IH35 to my last hammock camping event at Fairfield Lake State Park last month….it looks NICE from the highway.

Welcome to BLF, KaiserSosa! :party:

Welcome to BLF! Hope you enjoy your stay here. :slight_smile:

Watch out for Ryan! He get’s things made in shiny copper that you just cannot resist!!! Good looking things that work like a champ, pills for C8’s and HD2010’s, I’m tellin ya, he’ll drain your bank account! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, Hi Ryan! :slight_smile:

Chloe can de-bug your electrical problems, especially with stuff like chargers. :wink:

MRsDNF (Steve) makes some awesome lights on his lathe, when he’s not goofin off! Killer massive copper pills for custom lights that have whopping output, he does it for fun and lights up the Eastern seaboard from Australia! Check out Old-Lumens give-away thread where he’s modding a pair of MagLights that Steve modded the outer bodies first, what a pair those 2 are! Fantastic looking lights! I hope to sneak over to OL’s in Tyler and steal the little one…shhhhh…. Aus/Yank thread here.

That lil drawing is hilarious!

Welcome Keyser Söze, RbD beat me to it. “The Usual Suspects” is one of my favorite movies of all time!

I guess I somehow forgot to take the lock up your credit card advise to heart…

Haven’t even been on BLF 24 hrs yet,…and there is already this mysterious order out for an UltraFire C20


Welcome home brother! :slight_smile:

What ever you do, don't look into Chinese knives!


OH NO! Another one???!!!

Welcome neighbor!


KS, meet Dan ^

This guy can make ANYTHING! And also make it PRETTY! Stay away from him, he has code that reads your bank card while it’s still in your wallet!!! (In all fairness, he sends you amazing things afterwards) :wink:

See the beautiful little chopped AA Mini Mag he made for me? Ain’t it a beaut?! Here it sits on the Solarforce L2m shorty. Making it look big. :slight_smile:

Oh,…Dale and Dan,…now don’t go showing me that.

Those mods are hella tight !!!

I already have serious addiction tendencies toward custom pimped knives…

Now that's just mean. :P

This whole place is about custom modifications, don’t even start looking at Rufusbduck’s threads! Or Old-Lumens. Or Comfychair’s mods. Or Match’s chopped MiniMags not to mention JohnnyMacs. You REALLY don’t want to know what Dan can do. Seriously, don’t go looking! You’ll get a couple of hundred ideas right off the bat!

Yeah, Ryan, me…mean. You’re the one that showed pictures of trays and bins full of beautiful shiny copper pills! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, did I happen to mention that the little red jewel in the picture makes 810 lumens from a 14500 cell? Or the shorty, making 1162 lumens…both of these Out The Front lumens from a lightbox after 30 seconds of stabilization time? :wink: