Group Buy Now Live - BLF GT90 SBT-90.2 powered 5,000 Lumen, 1.8Mcd / 2600m Super Thrower

I would like to purchase a kit if still available. Thank you

Sadly I think they are sold assuming everyone pays. If anyone backs out I will let you know.

I was going to wait until they actually arrived this time to say anything but they are supposed to be in the mail to me as of yesterday (pretty sure it was really shipped this time). We will see how long it takes to arrive, I paid for DHL shipping so if they used DHL it could be here next week.

I will send messages to everyone once they are here and verified ready for me to ship out.

Thanks you Texas_Ace, hope one is still available!

Hmmm. never posted pic’s of how my GT with the 90 kit turned out…

. Group Pic… GT-90kit TN42 mod TM36mod FT03mod

Hot Spot Shots…

Nice family photo there, I took my own a few days ago but forgot to add in the chuckles side of the family, aka, the micro and mini.

I might just post the link for those interested in my GT90 conversion.

True DIY spirit there. :+1:

Been awhile since I have really dug into a light like that, in some ways I miss it and in some ways I have had my fill lol.

Closest thing I have done recently was a custom GT90 I built for a member on here back before the GT90 was released except with a wavien and aspheric lens. I am actually kinda surprised no one spotted my prototype version of it in the family picture above, it is subtle.

Now that you mention it, that bezel is not standard!

Any info on that?

Not really at this time, the project is sorta finished as I could not get the wavien collar focused perfectly due to the wires being in the way.

The only real option for fixing it is going with a smaller mcpcb that would fit inside the collar but then the wires would still be an issue.

I got it to like 90% of perfect focus and it was determined it was good enough for now. If I can find a 20mm sbt90.2 mcpcb I might work on it some more at some point.

Throw was pretty good on it, forgot the exact numbers but it was WELL north of 2MCD IIRC.

I could buy it,from BG or Neal,together with the batteries,but it is insane to buy a new charger,as I already have 4 of them,having ordered today the new Miboxer charger with the coupon…
I prefer BG because they have a special delivery option,which is way better for me.If Neal can,as with the BLF GT,(which I bought from him),to use the same system,then I could through Neal as well.

Only way to know is to contact Neal and find out.

I searched the site, Search: 44 results found for "blf" – Nealsgadgets ,and I saw two flashlights with the same “name”,one at $349.00 and the other at $410.00.What is that?

The $410 one is a kit, with batts - VTC6's, and a charger.

Got some good news and sad news about the GT90 kits.

Good news they showed up today!

Sad news, they only sent 5 sets of carriers :person_facepalming:

They said they will ship the missing carriers “next week” but lets just say I have heard that before and will believe it when I see a tracking number.

I have an extra set of carriers I can spare from my personal GT90 for the time being so that gives me 6 kits I can ship now.

Not sure how to decide who gets the first ones, forgot exactly what order people signed up in.

Thinking I might get everyone that wants a single kit taken care of with these, looks like there are 5 single kit orders.

Unless people with multiple kits would like to split up the shipments?

Or I can wait to see what happens next week and ship them all together after the other carriers show up.

I will split my order of 4. I have a spare set of carriers anyways.

I was thinking on it and I think the only fair and unbiased option is for me to use a random number generator and the first 6 numbers it picks get first dibs.

Those with multiple kits will have the choice of splitting the order or passing for now and waiting for the remaining carriers.

I will send PM’s out in a little while with payment instructions.

I'm very interested!!!

Interested in the GT90 or the GT90 conversion kit?

Sorry Texas_Ace, I misread the post. I thought it was the GT94 thread.

I have a GT90 already, but I don't want to mod it. Thanks for replying.

K - completed my first GT to GT90 conversion with the kit and it's pretty impressive for sure. I measured 1810 kcd on only 4 30Q's at 4.15V. I used the shorty tube.

Hard to measure lumens but I'd guess about 5250 (mine) at start, maybe ~4800 calibrated lumens.

Charging up VTC6's now, solder blob tops.

Update: With the 8 VTC6's, I did measure a little bump. These are old VTC6's, like from 2017, but not sure how much use they really got used.

  • Measured 1890 kcd taken at 5 meters
  • Approx. 5600 lumens (mine), ~4950 calibrated lumens

Now I'm wondering if some mods may help, like:

  • swapping out the SIR800DP FET for a SIRA20DP
  • spring bypasses
  • 20 to 18 AWG wire upgrades
  • using higher performing cells like the Samsung 25S or SONY VTC5D's

Has anyone tried any of these type of mods?

I would think taking the throw at 10+ meters would bump the reading, but to me, actually at 5 m the hot spot looks pretty good.

I opened 2 more GT front bezels for doing the same conversion kit upgrade. Had to clamp the head down in pine boards and then use a strap wrench on the bezel. One took a while to get open, while the other 2 went easier. Didn't expect it to be this hard - thought I could get by with grippy gloves but it's awkward to get good pressure on. The strap wrench did not slip 1 mm - got a great grip with it. It's the most amount of pressure I've applied with a strap wrench, and this was for a light without glue!