Group Buy Now Live - BLF GT90 SBT-90.2 powered 5,000 Lumen, 1.8Mcd / 2600m Super Thrower

Have you seen this?

Nope, I had not, nice build there Djozz!

Interested in converting my GT to a GT90. Is there a source for conversion kits or a part list?

Sadly I sold all the GT90 conversion kits and they are not open to selling me more last I checked (plus not sure it is worth it, took me over 7 months to get the last batch in).

Doing the conversion manually is possible, there is a thread of someone that did it but takes a fair amount of extra effort and work to make it happen and still counts on getting some of the parts from lumintop.

Did you mean THIS ONE ?

Yes, that is the one.

BLF GT90 with short tube.

For sale? :smiley: