Group Buy: Wuben TO10R and TO46R (real 90+CRI triple XP-G3) - CLOSED!!


Interested in 1 (depending on the price) :wink:

Interested in one TO46R, PM sent

1 x TO46R

What is the color temperature of this? Do they have NW version?

NW, 5000K

How do we know it is NW 5000k, did someone report this in a test? If so where? I would hate to buy it to find out it is CW because Maukka tested it before and found out it was CW 70CRI. Also REVIEW: Wuben TO10R – Triple XP-G3 – 16340 battery – 650 lumens – 4 Levels & Stepless dimming [PIC HEAVY] shows it as cold blue in the tint comparison.

If this is really NW 5000k, I would be interested in two but not really interested in the 18650 batteries since I have a bunch of panasonics and Sony cells. The included one is probably not a high quality cell.

PM sent, I would do one of each depending on the price.

This is real 5000K, 90+CRI and will be tested by maukka before collecting any payments. You can buy with confidence.

I have to check the cell. Earlier Wuben cells have been of good quality, but better to check anyways.

Interested in TO46R if price is right…

Ok sounds good. I would be confident if it will be tested by Maukka. I am interested in 1 of each or more as gifts if it turns out nice. Thanks.

I’m confident it will turn out nice. How many would you like to reserve?

Interested in TO46R

I am in for a TO46R for the right price. PM sent.

Interested in one TO46R.

interested in one 46 model depending on final price

I’d like to get on the list for one TO10R please, and one TO46R

Interested in the TO10R please! :+1:

Intrested TO46R please

Interested in both. How many depends on price.

Interested in TO46R depending on price please.