Groupbuy for UNI-T UT210e clamp meter for tailcap current readings

More precise resolution would be nice, but probably not necessary. I can always use my normal meter for the lower stuff.

I don’t think I’ll ever measure AC with it, so I’m probably ok without the TrueRMS feature?

Can your wizardry get us a fantastic deal on the 210e?

Well even if you need to measure AC… Until it’s a standard sine wave like our common AC we have at home… You are really ok.

Truerms is something I probably never come to use since it’s used for different waveforms.

If you look at your dmm at home you will notice it will measure AC but it’s not trueRms…

I took the 216C mainly for the inrush function… The trueRms it’s a plus… If it is real lol

I’m really not even sure what “inrush” is.

I’ve seen some discussions about “zeroing” vs “relative” but I’m not sure if that’s something I need to look out for

Yes the zero function is something you have to look for. Because usually clamp do add some offset in the value because of environmental factors and other stuff. So, zeroing will put the displayed value to zero, before you take a measure. Some clamps do not have the zero button but once you go back to a different setting and forth to the AC they “self zero-ed” themselves… So just look for a YouTube video… Or even better search for a review in a competent site like eevblog or such.

The inrush is used for AC measurements (at least in mine) and in simple terms measured something similar to the peak current in its first 100ms(in mine model).

So for example you can set the clamp to inrush mode leave it there alone and go powering up a system, go back to where you left the clamp and see the absorption peak of the system while it started.

I think it differs from the simpler peak because after it has monitored something when firstly the current arrive it stores the data and not continues to monitor for a higher value.
Also the calculated current should be done by an integral and not just by looking for the highest value… This could be bull@hit from my imagination I’ve should have read them somewhere but I’m not sure… So if you want you have to research and scrutinize better

Hopefully I made myself understandable, sometimes I read what I wrote few minutes earlier and I can barely understand it myself… Lol

We could definitely do that If we could all agree to one or two model?

Primary use of the clamp is for flashlight measurement and serve as a back up DMM at the same time? Which models are worth considering?

I think if you have to be on the 28-38 use budget and have DC current (for flashlights obviously) there are not many models and a lot are just rip off of the one I mentioned earlier

The 210e has good reviews and a nice starting price point, but I’m open to others. I think the most important thing be that it is accurate and consistent in the 2-20 amp DC range. It would be sweet to do a small groupbuy on something, but I’m hoping to order something in the next week or two, to make sure it makes it out of China before new years

Shouldn't be difficult to get 201E under $30. Any more takers?

TheBo do you agree the 210e would be good for our purposes? It has the 2amp range that some others don’t have. It gets 4.9 out of 5 on Amazon with 26 reviews, and it’s nice and compact.

Freeme: you think we can do a fast turnaround time on this one?

Yes, it was my first choice, but remember, I’m a hobbyist so asking to me is like asking to a buddy.
Anyway I’m really curious to see the GB price if this will received the due attention. Too bad I already spent more than what I needed

Also note, if you don’t now what it is… That the 210e has 2000 counts
This means that a value of 1.999 will be displayed as 1.999
A value of 2.001 will be displayed as 2.00

Just FYI

Also note that, technically, resolution doesn’t mean accuracy… This means that something (hypothetically) could be more spot on (regarding accuracy) than something that has more displayed digits (resolution)

But generally resolution comes handy when you have to see small changes

After reading this thread I remembered that I’ve thought about buying a clamp meter before. The 210E seems to be a good choice so I’ve bought one from the Tomtop store ( with warehouse in Germany). Currently on offer, the price seemed to be ok and delivery should be faster compared to other China stores.
The accuracy for DC current is listed with 2%, not bad compared to other models in this price range. I would have spent some more for the MASTECH MS2115B (on offer in a German store for 55 Euros, but it has only a 40A range and higher. Although 6000 counts and an USB port… The PC interface could be used to do measurements of charge/discharge currents over time.

my 216C from their uK warehouse , untracked delivery took about 10 days

A ut210e for under $30? I would be down for one for sure.


You may want to rename and categorize the thread if you want to maximize GB participation.


I’m interested to see what price freeme can get, because there are some good deals on it on the wb already.

I’d be interested in a UT210E

In the Ali 11/11 sale for $38.It has auto DC ranging and a temp probe above the E model. most people won’t need those features if the E is significantly cheaper.If you can get it for under $30,I would recommend it.

Thanks for chiming in.

i had once a cheap mastech clamp meter but it was a lot more inaccurate than the cheap 20$ DMMs I have. I had to wind the measuring cable a few times around the clamp and calculate the average.

The cheap DMMs have the advantage that they use these simple glass fuses which only cost cents but won’t work really good as a protection because they can let through a high power pulse. The better DMMs have the big fluke fuses(like in the pictures above) and protection circuits build in. So you can tell from the fuse used if it is a good or a bad quality DMM. There are a few very nice videos from eev blog on YouTube with lots of infos about DMMs.
But these fluke fuses cost 10$ each…that’s why I like cheap DMMs and normally the cheap 10A fuse is made to work with 10A easyly which is enough for most flashlight needs and with triple direct drive builds I try to measure not longer than needed. But thes don’t break so easyly(minutes).
2minutes at 20A…

I also ordered one of the modules from eBay but didn’t tried it yet.