Has anyone done any reviews on the new Convoy S21B yet?

Another S21B review

One more S21B review, same reviewer.

The S21a uses a screw in brass pill and the B has an integrated shelf

That’s some good information to know! Well, maybe just for newer modders like me.
I still have bad memories of trying to “unscrew” the shelf of a defective SP32A V2.0. I attacked it with every tool I had, thinking that with just a little bit more force, it would unscrew and I could get at the driver.

Then I took a closer look and realized it was actually part of the flashlight head. Ah…

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Thanks for the input. But I’m looking for the runtime performance graph for the Convoy S21B, how bright, how long, etc. You know, the one that Zeroair or 1Lumen usually provide. Have anyone something similar like that?


I’m waiting til convoy releases one with a sbt90.2.

An S21B w/ a 90.2? Ain’t gonna happen unless you make it yourself

But other than that, the beam is pretty much going to look the same?

The shelf is good for heat dissipation………….?

I think I would like a Convoy in 21700 and want something floody

If you want floody, then a reflector light may or may not be what your after. I’ll say that with a screw in pill design, it offers flexibility to a variance in optic and mcpcb stack up heights. This means in an S21A, you could easily use a floody TIR in place of the reflector without the headache of spacers/ shims. The A model will theoretically be at a thermal disadvantage vs the B, but neither can sink all that much power continuously.

Later I’ll link the optics I’ve found with the perfect diameter for the s21A and FW3A series lights. I have samples of all variations. (From AE)

Oh and to answer your questions. Yes, the shelf should improve heat dissipation and the reflectors are shared between the two - although the A std is OP and B is SMO

Would one of these work for this light. http://www.carclo-optics.com/optic-10138?optictype=tir&diameter=20.0

Are there ‘throwy’ TIRs available for the S21A/B?

To my understanding, the Manker Mc13 uses such a TIR. I’m guessing it’s a specialised one by Manker though.

I will have to take lux measurements of my TIR samples and see how they compare to the reflector, but yes, there are throwy TIR optics available. The Carclo type linked will work fine in the s21A, especually if you’re going to use a protected cell. The optic is 1.8mm shorter, so the battery compartment will be that much longer. If larger springs are used at both ends, contact issues shouldn’t exist.

Thank you Jared! I see LEDSupply is in Vermont. Are there other suppliers in the USA?

Thanks for the info. So does that mean better heat dissipation? From what I have read aluminum conducts heat better than brass (Brass vs aluminum) so I assume an integrated shelf would move the heat better. That said why does Convoy make their pills out of brass?

Do either of these lights come with pocket clips? The S21b doesn’t look to have a recess in the tube for a clip?

Personally I can see no use in the lights if they don’t have a clip apart from maybe fitting to a bike via a mount. But then a 26650 would probably be better for that anyway.

Here's what I did:


Convoy lights are customizable with prefabricated parts for sale. So, there is a bolt-on Convoy clip that'll work fine.

Over at TLF are some measurements for the Osram equipped Version by amaretto:

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Does anyone have a wide optics bicycle collimator for the S21B sst40 flashlight?

I join the question.