Hello and few questions on Li-ion cells (batteries?)

Hey all, I’m new to this forum, well I’ve been lurking for a few months since I wanted a decent headlamp cause I’ve had it with the 10euro energizer headlamps. After a lot of reading here and dumb luck I orderd a skilhunt H02 NW for 28euro’s (flashdeal), also ordered 4 protected 3400mAh Panasonic NCR18650B (I hope they fit) and an XTAR VC-2. I think this will be a nice starter pack.

I’ve been reading a lot on how to take care for the cells and one is: “don’t over-charge them.” OK fair enough but what do I have to do in case I have an over-charged cell? Do I just give it in the recycle shop (ready to blow?)? Or is there a safe way to discharge it without it venting.

2nd:“Don’t over-discharge cells” I kinda understand what happens with the cells if this happens but Xtar claims the VC2 can revive overdischarged cells. Is this just a sales gimmick? If a cell is under 2.5V can I still saftly put in the charger an use it after charging in my headlamp? I mean it’s, on my freaking head….

I understand I have protected cells and a “decent” charger and chances of this happening is very low, but I’m asking just in case. I might want to use some naked cells later on and want to be ready when something like this happens.

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Hi and welcome dekozn. This thread by HKJ should answer your questions.

Thx for the link but doesn’t really say what I have to do with an overcharged cell, if I can somehow safly discharge it before use or bringing it in for recycling.

Sorry. :blush:
Try this one from HKJ. It may answer your question.

Welcome dekozn, that Skilhunt H02 is a great light.

The only time it is safe the recover a cell with about 0 volt is when the reason is a tripped protection.

The xtar overdischarge revive feature is referring to protected cells only, because these trip an internal circuit causing them to read 0 volts when they reach the target low voltage point and must be reset.

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Thx for the welcome and replies…