Hello BLF. I've been away for over a year. What did I miss?

Looks like a lot of cool new lights are out now. What’s the best thrower with brightest led in a small host? Thanks.

Hi there, welcome back!!!

This is definitely the new hotness for a reasonably sized and priced thrower with good lumen output and a great UI:

Even has USB charging, choice of tints. Almost perfect.

Thanks man. What a sweet light! 875 meter throw is crazy. Looks like I’ll be making a purchase. Lol.

Check this out

Some flashlights were designed.
Some flashlights were produced.
Some flashlights were purchased.
Some people got impatient.
Some flashlights were delivered.
People were very happy with their new lights.
(Rinse and repeat.)

Well, that’s basically the long story short :smiley:

in terms of new technology, the SST40 LED seems quite popular nowadays, which draws a lot of current but is quite bright (brighter as XPL-HI)
The FW3A finally is produced, you’ve only been away for a year so you’ve must have read about it a year ago

For the rest, Mr Scott his quote covers it all :wink:

Check these out :D

FireFlies ROT66 Andúril ? ToyKeeper
FireFlies PL47 Andúril ? ToyKeeper
FireFlies E07 Andúril ? ToyKeeper
FireFlies E07 Ti Andúril ? ToyKeeper
FireFlies E07 Cu Andúril ? ToyKeeper
FireFlies E01 Derived ? ToyKeeper
LuminTop BLF FW3A Andúril 22/05 ToyKeeper
LuminTop BLF FW3B Andúril ? ToyKeeper
LuminTop BLF FW3C Andúril 22/05 ToyKeeper
LuminTop BLF FW3S Andúril ? ToyKeeper
LuminTop BLF FW3T Andúril ? ToyKeeper
Emisar D4V2 Andúril 17/06 ToyKeeper
Emisar D18 Andúril ? ToyKeeper
Astrolux MF01S Andúril ? ToyKeeper
Sofirn SP36 Andúril ? ToyKeeper
Sofirn BLF LT1 Andúril ? ToyKeeper


- SAM -

f3wa is new and good, though not a thrower, allegedly you can make optics changes though and make it more throwier

you missed a year.

To my opinion, the best that has happened to the industry in the last year is that we have persuaded manufacturers to start producing multi-emitter EDC lights :smiley:

Holy sh!! Love this and need to buy. Is there a code somewhere you know of? Really appreciate the info.

Man there are some sweet new lights. The BLF designs are very impressive. Looks like I’m prolly spend some money. Lol. Thanks for sharing the great information.