Hello Folks!

I have been a flashlight fan for a while though it was always at a distance, I have owned the coast hp7 for years but have found myself carrying a cheap 90 degree headlamp (minus the broken strap assembly) for years until it finally broke and I ended up wanting something a little better, that is when I found the /r/flashlight subreddit and you guys through a review of BLF a6 (while looking for info on the Emisar D4). I did eventually get a Manker E03H (Nichia 219 option of course :stuck_out_tongue: ) for my edc, but I do eventually plan on getting something a little more impressive.

Excellent choice there! And the D4 is most definitely a must have! Welcome to BLF! :partying_face:

thanks! happy to be here!

Hi and welcome swiftblade. Good luck stopping at one.

The BLF A6 is a good choice, but you may also want to take a look at the FW3A going into production hopefully soon.

And welcome to BLF!

I have no hope of that, I’m just trying to keep it reasonable…

I decided to make a meme of my BLF experience which others may relate to…

I’m REALLY hoping you’re wrong,
I don’t need more rabbitholes I just finished assembling a new mech keyboard :stuck_out_tongue:

It's good to have you here, swiftblade13!

If you like knives, what knives do you like?


Aaaaah… good one.

On the other hand, you could swear to not buy another light ’til the ’3A finally comes out. Save lotsa bux that way. :laughing:

The FW3A will be here any minute!

Doesn't cost anything to put your name on the FW3A interest list and hope for the best! It doesn't have quite as much throw as I would like, but the size, shape, beam quality, and Anduri UI are appealing.

Nah, I’ll wait for the bugs to get worked out first.

All the knives, especially the ones I can’t afford, currently my edc is a kershaw Emerson cqc-8k but I’m looking for something less bulky, more of a “gentleman’s knife”.

Personally, I like budget assisted-openers.

The slimmest one I know of, and one of my personal favorites, is the Kershaw Leek.

Of all the knives that I like, that one is probably the most gentleman-ish.

If you want something much cheaper, there's the Pico, but it isn't nearly as slim.

I looked at it but I’m not a fan of the blade shape/size I was looking at getting a flipper like the ruike p 108 or hussar.

IMHO, a serious EDC knife should be disguised as a comb or lipstick!

Edit: This seemed funny when I posted it, but now I can see it's a bit sick. Sorry.

Started a course of antibiotics yesterday, but no excuse.

But I see that the OP is supporting the cause and has added his name to the FW3A interest list. Congratulations!