Hello From the Netherlands

Thanks for the warm welcome!

And yes i already know about the addiction :wink:

Welcome to BLF Yammie! Looking forward to seeing the flashlights you’ve made.

The dutchies are taking over! :smiling_imp:

Almost enough folks for a dutch meet-up :slight_smile: Who knows a dark enough place for that?, hmm no, we don’t have that in Holland :person_facepalming:

And another one!

Welcome to BLF fellow dutchie :slight_smile:

Here is an idea of what i made a year ago.

I’m curious to know what your thoughts are about it…

Looks very nice!

wow, that looks really tidy! How is the metal tail switch constructed?

Looks real nice! Do you have a better pic of the small one?

mooi man!
gewoon meedoen!

Welkom Yammie !

Agreed, those flashlights look really cool!

Hello guys, sorry for the late reply!

here are some pics of how i made the switch assembly.

I’m in love. Nice work Yammie. Hi and welcome.

:heart_eyes: +1

Welcome aboard!

Thanks Guys!



Nice to se another Dutchman (nou ja, Brabant ;)) here and especially a craftsman such as you! Very nice light that you showed!

Hahaha! :smiley:


Very nice light!!