Hello, New to site. Looking for help...

I am new to the site, but I am wanting to learn more and eventually build my own flashlight. I am looking for a site to get components from. I am wanting to building something similar to this maybe?

I want to be able to take it hunting and use it for night hunting as well. Thanks.

Hi jorswift, welcome to the bright side of the dark!

You should consider something like this:
Use coupon code BLF for 8% discount.
You could later upgrade it with something like this http://intl-outdoor.com/noctigon-xp16-mcpcb-cree-xpg2-r5-2b-led-p-722.html for more throw and eventualy dedome it, but that comes step by step :stuck_out_tongue:
Browse the forum, and you will be surprised what some of the guys here can do :slight_smile:

welcome to BLF… :beer: :beer: the light that you mention is kind of expensive with outdated LED

Hi. Yes, I basically want the housing or case?! There are better screw-in LED’s


These hunting site want hundred for the same light basically.

You didn’t say whether you needed throw or just flood. What kind of hunting or what will it be used for.
The light you linked looks like a UniqueFire HS-802 copy. Google
You could also search here for a few hunting lights that have been discussed. Search results for '' - BudgetLightForum.com
The HS-802 has been discussed many times here. Search results for '' - BudgetLightForum.com
I have one and its quit a nice thrower with a pencil like beam. In these thread links there should be lots of info where to buy parts and mods for the HS-802 for different types of hunting.

Welcome to the forum Jorswift. Fasttech is a great company with good prices for parts. Code BLF gets a 5% discount on flashlights. There is a Fasttech deal alert thread somewhere around here. Walbuys also has great prices.

That's a good looking light, but you can get a lot more light for that much money. Tell us what you want the light to do and you will get a lot of good recommendations from the members here. If you already purchased it, it looks like it can be modded a pretty nice light.

I thought it was a HS-802, but it is longer at 7 inches and has a focusing head with screw-in type LED rather than a drop in.

I am wanting to predator hunt with these lights. I will probably use RED LED, but want to attach it to my scope/gun for a “kill light”.

I just received some light from Amazon I bought to try. A UltraFire C8 Q5 XML and a red UltraFire WF-5028 Q5. Does this sound about right? Bear with my guys, Im reading and trying to take it all in. thanks.

I am wanting to attach a “kill light” to my rife. I want to be able to see 100 yards or so in RED? is that possible? I see these website have $200+ lights that advertise that. That is nuts!

I haven’t built a red light yet. But if you want a light that can easily attach to a rifle and throw that far you might want to consider the UF-T20 it’s a wolf-eyes night hunter clone.


It’s an easy light to mod and done properly you can get that kind of distance out of it. I don’t know if you can get that kind of distance from a red light though.

De-domed XP-G2 emitter on a sink pad, better driver or do a resistor mod on what it has in it.

Welcome to the site. Also Wallbuys has a group buy on the light I posted right now for $17.50. Which is a good deal. Modded correctly it’s better than the wolf eyes that cost $100.

Got a link for the group buy? Can’t seem to get there via mobile , and I clearly need another light. :slight_smile:

LOL don’t we all.

The HS-802 and its clones has been used by many hunters with many different colors. HS-802 with a Red LED? Anyone pick one up yet? - PredatorMasters Forums
The link you gave http://dx.com/p/godfire-c9-cree-xr-e-q5-3-mode-150lm-focusing-flashlight-w-strap-black-1-x-18650-287804 looks exactly like my HS-802 with the exception that it says focusable. Mine has the pill screwed to the tube like in the pics at DX, it can also focus if you screw the head on and off, this pulls the led in and out of the reflector. Not sure how DX’s works as they look the same to me and they don’t say how it works. I see it has some kind of lens looking thing around the led. :~



With its deep reflector, this light will reach a 100yds easily. Even more so with a driver upgrade for more current. :slight_smile:

Who has the best deal on the HS-802 with the best Cree and LED?



here full pakket mount+swish

XM-L better than the XRE?

what wil you do with the flashlight ?
hunting alone? rabbits ,fox or pigs? or pigeons ? al different colors and light types

or wil you use the flashlight not alone for hunting?,from the garden by dark ,on your house…………

xml = much more light but not spil/ trow for 100 meters

Wanting to hunt coyotes and fox with red or green light. Yes I just want one dedicated for hunting only to stsrt.


from 20-25$ on ebay the hs 802 uniquefire with red light.

I see the HS-802 is mainly offered 2 ways. With a xml or xre. Which is better for farther throw?

XR-E R2 the die is smaller, so you get a tighter hot spot with less total lumens output. XML produces more lumens but the hot spot becomes huge compared to the XR-E. For even greater throw with the XR-E, you can replace the driver with a 1400ma amc7135 driver with your choice of modes or just a single mode. If you had a copper pill made for the light the current and throw might be increased even further. how hard can i drive an xr-e emitter?
Output to expect with current increase. Results: Testing XM-L, MC-E, SST-50, and XP-G emitters **Updated**
Copper I’m sure would exceed these numbers a little.
The one I got from DX a couple of years ago (2-mode) had a off,on,on switch, where the first on was tied to a resistor (Low mode) to limit current. You will need to replace the switch with a on,off version if yours comes that way. Mine came pulling less than 1 amp factory. There so many copies now its hard to tell what you will end up with.