been reading a while now so i figure i may as well sign up and introduce myself

got into lights when i found i had some extra cells around from quitting vaping, started with an Olight S2 and quickly grabbed a pair of Astrolux S1 (3D and 5A) and an Astrolux S41 (N219b) i was impressed! little had i known my S41 was about to drag me down another pit when the optic shifted and dedomed those poor beautiful 219Bs.

It’s been a while now since finding the world of modding and the S41 recieved a 219c 4000k r9050 triple transplant. I should probably add that one S1 got an xp-l hi 3000k 80cri and the other runs the short tube with a SST-20 3500k 95+cri behind a tir.
I have a few other lights now as well. My most recent acquisition was a pair of Sofirn SF14v2.0s specifically to host more 3500k SST-20 pups…. ok i might have went crazy cause one ended up in my Lumintop Tool AAA (the new XP-G3 that was in it had that super ugly cct shift) ……

…and also in my Emisar D1

edited to correct; the Tool came with XP-G3 R5 (stated on package :FACEPALM: )

Mila Jojovich welcomes you to the forum ...


Welcome. Now where is RC?

Hi SK1LL, welcome to BLF.
Could not help noticing that you are already on the road to an empty wallet.
Dutch people always say: “gedeelde smart is halve smart”.
I don’t know if “misery loves company” is the perfect translation for that.

AFAIK, Milla is powdering her nose. I expect her to submerge you in her warm welcome in a short while.

We're very glad to have you here, SK1LL!

You've got some nice lights - have you checked out the FW3A? Thanks for sharing, and welcome aboard!

Thank you :slight_smile:

no i havent tried the FW3A although it is appealing, i have been too satisfied with my SF14v2 mod lately as they keep finding themselves in my pockets :partying_face:

Hi and welcome SK1LL. You have a few nice torches.