Help design a new thrower headlamp

Looking at a new headlamp design for a long range thrower. It will be a hunting/outdoors light so will also need some spill. XML headlamps are great - esp dedomed - but they do need bigger heads/reflectors to concentrate the beam and we want to look at other options. Question is can we design one with not too big head, one that retains some spill - could be a zoomie - and with BIG long distance beam. Have had plenty of basic 18650 lamps.

Main ideas:

  • Must run 18650s - one or two ok
  • Batt pack at rear
  • Medium size head - not too heavy overall
  • Maybe an XPG2?
  • Maybe a zoomie?

Would the XPG2 give enough lumens plus good throw - they do v well in some torch mods - and if so what type of head/zoomer/reflector setup would be best?

Are there other leds out there (excluding XMLs for the moment - we know about them) that would meet the requirements?

General design ideas welcome…

How much throw are you wanting? 50k lux in a c8 size head ok?

An XP-G2 can be driven almost as hard as a XM-L2 (there's some projects that shove 5A through it) but it'll be less efficient and generate more heat, less light. It will give you more throw.

Hi Sunspot - 50k would be great in a headlamp but I think the 44mm or so of a C8 size reflector with a bit of depth to it might be too big. My own XML h/l runs dedomed at 23k and its a good performer - has an external head measurement of 40mm which for size/weight will be about max.

Its a matter of whether an XPG2 (or other led) might produce better throw from some type of reflector - or from a zoomie head - while managing to produce good spill also for outside walking, bunny searching etc. Can’t have only pencil beam properties.

Need to design a factory h/l with good throw/spill balance before any mods. XMLs do well - just a matter if anything could do it better, and what that led/head setup could look like.

Will follow up this thread. More advice on headlamp are welcomed…

C8, XP-G2 on copper sinkpad/noctigon, XP-E to XM-L adapter ring, 2800mA Nanjg Driver, copper braid on clicky spring

quite a good thrower

Basic entroductory thrower…are there better sure…but this is probably the most bang for your buck

XM-L2 would be a good thrower but the hotspot is much bigger

2 x 18650 for longer Runtime.——-XML-2 at 3-4 amps.——–45-60mm Zoom Lens.

I understand, I make one from a C8 head dedomed driven at 3 amps and is 78K lux at 1 meter. It works real well but the one I use to hunt with is a little larger and can do 110K lux at 1 meter. I except the larger size for the extra brightness. The weight doesn’t bother me, but I have it mounted to a bump cap not a head band. That might make a difference. I build it with a 4 positions rotary switch and make it rechargeable.

Check out that design - I’d love something similar.
Small floody light on its OWN switch - hi/low/off
And a good thrower, again on its OWN switch, hi/low/off

Running 18650 batteries, naturally.

Poking @mudgripz

I’m working on a dual LED headlight: Build: Dual XP-L headlight project.

The light in stock form has a XP-E LED, and my domed XP-Ls are no where near matching in it throw. I’m considering trying out XP-Ls and XP-G2s with sliced domes. For climbing use I don’t really want pencil beam throw, just a little more than the domed XP-Ls.