Help Identifying CREE LED

Can you guys help me identify these CREE LEDs?

Seller claims these are XM-L2 U3 LEDS. Don’t think they are - I can see the 6 “segments” in the LED and my understanding is that XM-L2 has no “segments”. Also see 3 wires - XM-L2s should have 2 wires.

Can I assume this is an XM-L? Then is it a T5, T6, or U2? Or is it even a CREE? Any help is appreciated!

Fake led, no cree :cry:

That could be a Lattice Bright XL that looks like a Cree XM-L.

Besides, as you said, Cree XM-L2 doesn’t have the inner rectangles.

Hi and welcome LumensGuy. As mentioned the led pictured is 100% not an XML led. Pretty much any cheap light these days on Ebay and from China will not have a Cree led.

You guys rock. The post here was very helpful - The Fake-Cree LED Awareness Thread - The new "low" in Budget lights. thank you jorge

Guessing it’s a LatticeBright like you said eyeball.

Off to dispute land I guess…

Welcome to BLF!

This my friend is what a free flashlight looks like :wink:
Meaning mod it so it becomes as advertised and not worry about wrecking it, its free anyway :smiley:

I like this idea TheMiller! Can you guys help point me in the right direction? I popped out the insert, this is what it looks like:

The light is a diving light that takes 2 X 18650. The tricky part is it has a magnetic switch at the head (not too worried about the switch, would be happy to just have the replacement be “on” with power.)

I can’t disassemble the “guts” any more than this, assuming it’s glued?

35mm diameter. 33mm height (to base of spring.)

If I wanted to make this flashlight right, how would I do it? Is there a “drop in” available that would just fit? Any help is appreciated, pretty noob to this (trying to absorb info from the forums but there is sooo much!) Thanks again!

Maybe start a topic with the name of the flashlight in it?
So it is easier to find and give help and advice.

Fair enough - I’ll move it over to the Modding area. Thanks!

Or just edit the title :slight_smile:
Now it seems answered with a question and a bunch of answers.
Edit it into a mod question, with some pics of the internals in the start post and others will chime in :slight_smile:

The chip of the CREE XLamp XM-L2 is Cree® EZ1950-p™
This chp doesn’t exist a grid. :slight_smile: