Help me with measumernt of some lights

According reviews in internet, I prepared this table.
Some info is missing. If someone has this flashlights, please let me send requested data.

I have the EC03, SST40 5000K. I am not sure it is the model you are looking for.
Also, which “discrete levels” are you using to calculate the 1st and the 7th levels?

I mean, I think the lowest level that the EC03 can get is way below those 6 lumens.

In case you can indicate this, I may try to measure the current in that 7 levels + turbo configuration, with a full Vapcell T50 cell.
I don’t have means to measure lumens, though :zipper_mouth_face:

Steps are defoult, I suppose.
I can post sorce where took data.

If they are the default, when I am with the EC03, I will reset it and measure those levels. Again, please note that I don’t have a way to measure lumens and that the SST20 5000K will have lower lumens than the 6500K.

Here is my data source:

Youtube clip is for ft01s SST40, but data should be same for ft02s.
IF25A are 4000K, so I put low numbers. Same for STT40 5000K.
I am not sure about Sofirn SP36 BLF current on turbo. It is too low. Must be around 15A, not 12.

I tested the EC03 (sst40, 5000K) EC03

And the FT02S on 1Lumen where you got your info.

Yes, I put them in table.
Can you measure the current?

I got around 21 amps on turbo with a 30T cell.

Allow some margin of error in my numbers concerning the EC03:
1 - 0.02
2 - 0.11
3 - 0.31
4 - 1.82
5 - 5.71
6 - 11.51
7 - 19.85
Turbo - 20.01

This was measured with the deafult levels configured (20/150) and the default temperature limit (45ºC).
The Vapcecll T50 was at 4.07V. From the level 7 to Turbo I changed the dial from 20A to 100A, shut down the light, put the levels at 0 and then double clicked for turbo.

Hope this helps, but see it as approximate numbers only :+1:

Super, thanks.
Last question.
Can I set turbo level on this flashlights?

I guess I didn’t understand the question. You mean define the “level” of turbo?

As far as I know what can limit turbo performance is the thermal configuration (which go up to 100ºC). But apart from eventual programming , I guess turbo cannot be defined, only the ramping/stepped levels in upper and bottom limits.

I checked manual and did not see option to decrease level of turbo.
I hope when set up ceiling level low, turbo will go low too, but not.

Nope, you cannot decrease turbo level, you can only limit its’ duration through the thermal configuration (set it in lower temperature level and it will decrease faster.
Other than that, turbo limit cannot be decrease or increased.

A less high-drain battery will probably limit it but, again, its is not a “configuration”, just a way to limit the functionality!

I just noticed that I didn’t measure the default 7th mode.
I mesured it on the 150 level instead of 120.
So it will be meausured at lower current!
I will measure it later and correct the data.