Help upgrade my 2x18650 Berg xhp50 light

how much is that in lumens ? 1000 ? 1200 ?

I was hoping from this point to get it around +2A maybe 2.5A but not more… thats enough…

to get it around the promised lumens 1900-2000lm ?

What needs to be done ?

The easiest way is to use a replacement driver. Kaidomain sells a lot, or BLF member Lexel his Texas Avenger drivers, but for that you definitely need new cells.
As said earlier, probably you’d be better off buying a decent flashlight.

replacement driver wont do anything this light is already almost DD
the many resistances on all those parts simply eat up the battery voltage, also the battery itself drops in voltage under load a lot

here an example of a Samsung 30Q vs some Ultrafire cell
at 0.2A the UF cell seems acceptable in capacity
but at only 3A this changes dramatically the UF cell barely drops to like no capacity

on a flashlight this means the voltage drop results in a massive drop in current, this explains that the light does not get hot
those cheap lights are depending often on a crappy battery to stay within a current that does not kill the LED

Edit, never mind.
Good explanation Lexel

Ok. So with High drain battery the led is gonna die fast ?
In seconds, or in minutes ?

Maybe I test this… Lol .

What about those normal good batteries ? Still minutes and dead ?

Im thinking to buy the MF02 …
That looks good light to me

You need 4 x 18650 cells for the MF02, the xhp35 only does 2500 Lumen max.

I think you’d better get a Q8 for less. (Around 50usd, with discount)
Or a convoy L2 with XHP50

Damn… Have to look these also.

Im gonna go to local shop to get good 18650 batteries do explore the light…

Friend gave me samsung normal 18650 batteries…
Everything same. Working fine, same lumens.

Well a little brighter… After test shots…

Sofirn SP36 or Q8 are very good budget lights
really good quality and brightness
very useful allrounder in medium distances

MCPCB current depends a lot which material used to build, top is best lowest is bad
Copper DTP
Aluminum DTP
modern aluminum ultra thin aluminum-oxide layer
copper with thin ceramic glue insulation layer
aluminum with thin ceramic glue insulation layer
copper with polymer glue insulation layer
aluminum with polymer glue insulation layer

the bad news is the worst is cheapest to produce

Or THIS one ?
Thinking of one myself, really a good price for such a XHP50 light with the discount

any decent light will likely out throw your Berg
even with half the lumens a XPL Hi in a 4-5cm wide reflector thrown pretty good

Just got more open the light :

Is here something that needs mods for more light ?

looks like 2 tiny MOSFETS to pass the battery voltage to the head part, possibly PWMed
rest is charging board, which still is very doubtful looking on the batteries in series

with some basic samsung 2600mah batteries it gave me 2hours and 6min of working time.

40min on the china 4000mah vs
126min samsung 5200mah

So the batteries that came with this light have less than half the capacity that’s printed on the wrapper.

yes. And with Samsung batteries the light gets a bit more lumens as well.

And funny thing was that reload time for Samsung batteries was around 3 hours…

and the china model was 2 hours…

so china batteries were really bad ones…

Just ordered:

Astrolux c8

Astrolux s1

After those maybe some big boss light …

Both are great lights

I´m ordering batteries for those lights :

18350 for the s1 ( I want to keep that small light )

is that good enough ?

and 18650 for the c8 :

just ordered…