Help with Anduril Flashlight (WT3M)

I got my WT3M today with 3 x XHP 50.2, and all was well for the most part. I’ve not really stressed the light yetas I don’t have good high-drain 21700’s, so I’ve run with 50e and shimmed 30Q’s for the time being. Just now, the hold-for-moonlight level stopped working. The light thinks it’s on (indicating switch turns off) but there’s no light from the emitters. As I ramp up, the light will start up once it passes the moonlight level and proceeds to work as expected, until it hits the bottom of the ramp again, where the emitters turn off.

Standard troubleshooting has been performed with a factory reset (disconnect battery, hold button, continue holding after reconnecting power), several fully charged cells, cleaning contacts, tightening retaining rings, etc. I wasn’t sure if it was possible that the minimum voltage of the LED’s for some reason had changed, but prodding the light with my DMM on diode check turns them on at a lower brightness than what moonlight mode offered.

Next, I measured the voltage at the LED’s on moonlight, and got a really odd result.

I’m getting about 0.4v on moonlight mode, which is obviously way too low to do anything. Voltage steps up appropriately as I ramp up.

Any idea as to what to do here? I didn’t do anything to the light between it working and not, it just stopped. I’ve tried everything I can think of, but I’m not overly familiar with Anduril or other e-switch based lights. This light is running a Lexel designed driver, and a version check blinks out 2019.12.03

Go to ramp config and set floor to level 21. I also find it odd, mentioned about it here 【ツ】WildTrail WT1M & WT3M Sales Thread - #45 by g_damian

You’re amazing, thanks a ton. I browsed online for moonlight configuration, but it looks like ramp floor was what I needed to get the correct results. I’ve set mine to 19 currently and it works again, I can only assume I hit the 4 clicks at one point and set the floor to level 1.

Thanks so much!