Hi BLFers

Hi BLFers,

We are Olight Canada Team. This is our first time to post in BLF. Really happy to see so many flashlight lovers here! Hope we can have good interactions in the future!

Olight is a global technology driven lights company. Please allow us to make a brief introduction of our products. We have sorts of flashlights, including: EDC series, Tactical series, PL lights, Search lights, Bicycle lights, headlamps and other lights which can be used for outdoor utilization, camping and hunting! As well as, the best sellers are the following:

Perun 2

Warrior X Pro



S1R Baton II

BLFers who are interested in flashlights should learn well about these products!!!

We sincerely apologize for the behavior against the related rules of this forum. We need to make a adjustment about this giveaway. Truly appreciate your support and participation!

Have a good day! :slight_smile:

Olight Canada Team

Welcome to BLF, Olight Canada! I have several olight and they are very good.
Is is safe to assume only Canadian customers or prospective customers are eligible for the GAW?

Welcome, Olight Canada! That’s a nice first post.

I really like my Olight i1R 2 EOS. It lives permanently on my keychain and is very useful. I just wish it were high CRI. :slight_smile:

It’s great to see a giveaway, but is joining a Facebook group necessary? I avoid this, and many on BLF do too. I hope there’s some wiggle room on that. :innocent:

Welcome to BLF Olight Canada. I'm glad Olight finally came to this forum. Unfortunately, you must know that your giveaway is against the "rules" of this forum. The point is:

  • Please do not post giveaways that require signing up outside of BLF, for example on Facebook or Instagram.

[quote=Olight Canada] 2. Join the Olight Canada Fans Group [/quote]

You can find all the tips and reminders about giveaways in this thread:


Expensive, cold white light and proprietary batteries. Change my mind and send me a better Olight flashlight. :smiley:

- I’m NOT a Canadian citizen

  • I’m NOT on Fakebook or on any other “Social” Medium

Simple math: “minus” times “minus” is “plus”.
Does that make me qualify?

Sadly no. You have two times NOT and not NOT times NOT. It is not –1 * –1 = 1, but 2 * –1 = –2.

Clever Cloggs :wink:

EDIT: But if necessary, I can supply you with a Canadian address. Puh.

I have heard only good feedback about the build quality of your lights.
I have yet to own one.
I don’t like proprietary battery systems.

I like the overall design of Olights but the cool white LEDS and non mod friendly designs leave a lot to be desired.

Olight has been around for more than 10 years, has 5 yr warranty on their flashlights, has lots of fans and fanatics and has officers around the world.

-Olight was among the first quality LED light from China along with Fenix and Nitecore more than 10 years ago.

- They produced the first 4SEVENS flashlights

The titanium S MINI is possibly my most used EDC light. I really like their design but I don’t buy them anymore because they only use cool white LED.

I like your universal charger. It’s very useful for traveling.

I like that Olight has tough tactical flashlights and also the latest flashlight tech like wireless charging. :slight_smile:

Hi Sunny! Truly thanks for your support! We’ll produce more better products to keep your satisfaction guaranteed!

Hi Chatika! We’ve corrected this. Thanks for your kindness and thoughtful remainder.

Hi Phouton! Thanks for your support and suggestion about the i1R :slight_smile: I’ll record this and tell to our product designer. Really sorry for the interruption of the giveaway. We will make an adjustment in the future.

Hi Robin! “headlamps can be used for outdoor utilization” is a text error caused by our careless. Truly thanks for your participation! We need to make an adjustment about this giveaway. Really sorry for all.

Hi Pavlo! Thanks for your participation. Really sorry for the interruption of this giveaway. We will make an adjustment in the future. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support and suggestion Gunga! I’ve record this. Then I will tell to our product designer. Really sorry for the interruption of the giveaway. We will make an adjustment in the future. :slight_smile: