High-CRI Flashlight Host Advice

Jaxman E2L? Mtn sells the hosts. You’ll probably need to sand down the MCPCB

The Carclo 10623 is a quad, and a bit wider than the 10570 triple, so will not fit in the E2L.

The CPF Cometa is still on sale at $15.99 from chinese warehouse, may be worth a try.

Cheers ^:)

Thanks so much! I’ve already got a D4 and I love it and its ramping UI. Sadly, though, all this talk of flashing drivers goes above my head. I’m no electrical engineer, just your average Joe who wants to try to make a useful flashlight with a CRI barely under 100. I’ll send a message to Hank and see what I can do about a host, and hopefully then it should be easier to figure out a driver.

Just ask Lexel. I'm pretty sure he can flash a "no FET" version of Narsil or Anduril.

Interesting thread. I also haven’t found a host/driver to use the quad Optisolis I got from Clemence.

I sent an email to Hank, so we’ll see what he says. I doubt I’ll get a reply before Monday due to the holiday though.

Convoy S2+

Would a 10623 optic work in the S2+?

staticx, what did you use for the home made reflector? Looks like plastic to me. Is it strong enough to resist the compression from turning the pill?

It’s a LEDiL Boom White Reflector. It is actually very strong and rigid and doesn’t compress at all.

You can if you want it to. Youd have to sand it but plenty of people have put the 4 up optics in.

Wow thanks! That is very helpful! How’s the beam? Any donut holes from the quad? I put one 4xE21A in a Sofirn flashlight, which resulted in a horrible donut hole, I guess due to the smooth reflector so I had to take it.

What is a 4 up optic?

Luckily no donut hole. Ever so slight flower petal you get with multi emitter multi reflector lights but it doesn’t bug me at all like a donut hole would.

4 up is another way to describe the quad optics

That looks pretty good! I might have to get one of those reflectors as well as the Carclo to see how it looks.

Sweet! I’m going to buy that reflector and build one too. Just waiting for Kiriba-RU to release the copper S2+ pills for single emitters (should work with quads too).

M2: What did you mod today? - #5718 by g_damian

AT40: Amutorch AT40

Carclo 10621 = Hopeless. Super ugly colorful rainbow beam
Carclo 10622 = Ugly. Manually frosted resulted in overly wide beam with still warmer tint shift at the outer perimeter
Carclo 10623 & 10624 = Nice even medium-floody beam

- Clemence

Thanks Clemence! I placed my order today, and I placed my order for both the 10623 and 10624 as well. Now I just need to buy the host and driver, and I think I’ll go with the M2 build that g_damian recommended.

Clemence is the master of these emitters

Yep can’t wait for a Clemence S2+ build using 4xE21A!!! :heart_eyes: