High-CRI Flashlight Host Advice

M2: What did you mod today? - #5718 by g_damian

AT40: Amutorch AT40

Carclo 10621 = Hopeless. Super ugly colorful rainbow beam
Carclo 10622 = Ugly. Manually frosted resulted in overly wide beam with still warmer tint shift at the outer perimeter
Carclo 10623 & 10624 = Nice even medium-floody beam

- Clemence

Thanks Clemence! I placed my order today, and I placed my order for both the 10623 and 10624 as well. Now I just need to buy the host and driver, and I think I’ll go with the M2 build that g_damian recommended.

Clemence is the master of these emitters

Yep can’t wait for a Clemence S2+ build using 4xE21A!!! :heart_eyes: