High Current Switches?

Hi All!

I am trying to build a C8 Monster as gifts for my in laws (yes! they like flashlights!)

I wanted to go crazy on a C8 for my FIL so the math is showing me (thanks btw, Led4Power!) that I’ll be expecting around 30A of current (6 emitters in parallel) -

The caveat was that I could very well fry the switch so can anyone point me in the right direction for high current switches that would fit a C8? I am currently finding only ones good for an L6.

Appreciate it!

Was it Lexel? Someone had a fet-based smart-switch which sounds like what you’re looking for.

Well, we mostly use Omten switches, which are capable of very high currents, even above their rating. You can ask DB Custom about some of his insane builds (or just search BLF for some examples).

There used to be an extreme high current capable switch made by a BLF member named Tofty. He tried to pass on the business a couple years ago, in THIS thread. It seems to have reached a dead end, unfortunately. But if you are feeling crafty, you could probably figure out how to build your own version.

There is also a possibility of a FET switch, but it needs a power source, like a small button cell, to make it work. HERE is an example (DIY build, though).

Here is the Lexel thread. He made a board for REMOTE switching that used a FET.

It was lexel.

I make loneoceans gfs16 MOSFET tailswitch in the past for my S2 flashlight and it is working good! The benifet is that the switch fit entirely inside flashlight.

Here is loneoceans thread: GFS16 - Battery Indicator Tailcap Light & 1mR FET Tailswitch! (Rev B)

Here is my project: >> Homemade Gxb172 led driver (complete!)

30Amp light as gift light is not good idea at first place, 9Amps should be more than fine. BTW, when I find some time (I hope it will be next month) I will finish subZero (smart solid state switch) and finally release it, I already made 2nd revision of design in February :FACEPALM: , but due to constant lack of time it's still not released.

My thoughts also, even 9A will be hot in minutes, 30A in C8 format that will burn in seconds.

Lexel’s switches were only momentary switches. A subzero from led4power sounds like the ticket but unfortunately it’s been a while coming. If you can’t wait for that send me a pm I might have a spare tofty :wink:

Is subZero going to be powered by coin cells? I think that is the best solution, there are some very small coin cells and they can be bought for little money on eBay.

What is the target price for it? Hope it is affordable.


Thanks for the references and opinions guys- really helpful and definitely has my family’s safety in mind)- Well the hosts are on the way to me now but I guess they can all get s2+ triples and I can see what comes of this new side project of mine- don’t want to accidentally give my family inadvertent arson.

L4P, I may take you up on that switch if all goes well with it. I’ll keep a lookout for announcements.