Highest capacity 18350 for my emergency radio?


I’ve recently got a Sangean MMR-88 DAB+ emergency radio to use if the power goes out or I’m out camping.

It’s powered by a single 18350 battery, and has micro-USB, crank and solar charging options.
It also has an USB-A out for charging other devices.
The solar panel is pretty efficient and can run the radio all by itself in bright sunlight. The crank also seem to work well and feels high quality.
Sound-wise it’s impressive for the speaker size, sounds great and full range. Flashlight consisted of 3x3mm cold white LEDs that I modified to 3x5mm 2300K 95CRI LEDs from rngwn.

However, I’m not quite impressed by the battery life of it. I haven’t done a runtime, but it does not seem to last for more than 4-5 hours on a single charge. The current draw is 125mA at 3.7V when listening to music or chatter at volume 15, which is a normal listening volume.
With my 700mAh 18350, 125mA draw that should last around 5,5 hours so it seems about right, but it cuts out at just below 3V.
It’s okay since the original battery is unprotected, so it has LVP built into the radio.
If it had a 18650 it would’ve lasted a long, long time. It’s got space for it.

I’ve done some voltage testing to see what the indicator on the display shows, I printed a sticker and put it in the battery compartment so I can remember later on:

I haven’t drained it all the way to shutdown yet, but my suspicion is that it will last a long time between 3.6V and 3V, so it’ll say the battery is empty and needs a charge for a long time.

Here’s the radio:

I’ve got three 18350 batteries, the original blue 850mAh one and two extra with 700mAh capacity. The red ones are high discharge I believe.

So my question is, does anyone here know what the highest capacity and highest quality 18350 battery is?
I’m very wary of the fake eBay listings that claim high capacity and are cheap, so I’m not sure what to get.
It doesn’t have to be high discharge at all, just the max amount of capacity. Thanks.

Shockli 18350


Capacity approx. 1100mAh.

Vapcell 18350


Capacity approx. 1150mAh.

Currently, probably the best batteries 18350.

I know this one: EagleTac 18350 1300mAh (protected) - 10A - 18350 & 18500 - Li-ion - Rechargeable batteries | NKON But I don’t know the results of any tests. It’s over at NKON for now.
Or this one (I’ll show you the test page right away): Test/review of Aspire INR18350 1300mAh (Black-yellow) | Candle Power Flashlight Forum

This is the best 18350 I’ve come across:


Bought mine directly from Aspire.

Thanks a lot guys. Seems like Aspire is slightly higher capacity than the Vapcell even though they’re both labeled 1100mAh, Judging by the 0,1A discharge test. Seems like the Aspire was labeled 1300mAh before but was relabeled after tests.

I can’t seem to find the Aspire cells on either eBay nor AliExpress. Their webpage doesn’t work when I press “buy now” either, hmm…

According to this thread Aspire was just a rebranding of Vapcell and they are still available.

You might want to keep external batteries handy to power the thing.

Apparently it wants DC In(5V / 0.5A)Micro USB B Type Socket for Charging

Three alkaline or four NiMH cells should be acceptable; a bike light power pack with USB output should do it.

I see, I might just get the original Vapcell batteries then.

That’s a good idea, getting an AA-battery pack with USB out. I don’t have one of those, but I should definitely get one. Thanks!

I also have several high capacity power banks I could use, but my initial thought was to get the best internal battery possible for the radio.

Wonder why they didn't just make room for an 18650 ...Would make much more sense to me. Three times the capacity and just 30mm. bigger .

I agree, it’s got plenty of space for it. There’s no reason it shouldn’t have one.