Hmm..Trustfire HD-2010B- 18650 size

Found this today while searching Ali for attiny controllers

Looks like a M2X UT copy, only 230 grams, seems to have an AR glass too- lotsa modding potential at first look !

Unfortunately the info isnt enough, the price is a bit high too……offered at 25-30$ might be a nice seller

Nice find. I’ve been looking for it elsewhere, but could only find it at OEM/wholesaler.

It just needs to be $15-$20 cheaper.

BLF Designed Budget Thrower GB Question

How about a compact thrower for the next BLF Special Edition?

Mitko, its $31.25 on one of the links provided above.

I like it too, 25 dollar and from a seller that does Paypal and I'm sold :-)

First we need a test sample for evaluation, then a 25$ or so price - hosts would be perfect- the head is kinda big for my taste but i can live with that

i contacted Celia from shenzhen wholesale about their willingness to send a sample and prepare for a groupbuy.
i also mentioned possible modifications…


If it had an e-switch, and/or 2 cell or 3 cell side-by-sides, maybe. I don't find this different enough - you could always run a 18650 in a classic 2010, and it's probably better balanced.

If GearBest picks it up, it probably would go for about $25, but then again, it would be GearBest...

Good find, I dont think it's a TrustFire at all. That manufacturer lasts almost 10 years though, should be trustworthy.

Great! If its a host only it would be even better .

Those have a potential - side switch will be okay, but only 1 battery, we do have enough multi battery options, but not a single 50+mm 1 x 18650 cell thrower

If thats an AR glass it woud be great


That combined with an overdrivern green XPE2….jackals, here we go :slight_smile: Why not a red XPE2 for boars …so many options realy

Fitted with an XPL HI it can be a great thrower!

Subscribed. It seems like everyone has been talking about a thrower group buy lately. This would be perfect for around $25-30

Yes, I know all about the COURUI (I got two and several HD2010's, and modded maybe 8-10 or so), but it's a really big head and not the best reflector design. An HD2010 would be much more compact, efficient with 3 cells than a COURUI, plus not a fan of the COURUI's LED shelf design.

Still, just throw'n ideas out there - would much rather have a HD2010 as-is with an e-switch. A 2 cell would be better (don't post a pic of a T08 I got a few of those too ), because the T08's are cheap cheap - hate Small Sun quality. I bought a T43, thinking this is the perfect size 2 cell thrower w/e-switch -- another piece of crap, cheaper made than the T08's, difficult to take apart, body threads were cross-threaded, basically a piece of scrap crap now.

The HD2010 is built like a tank with a good, simple reflector and pill design.

i skyped a few minutes ago…
company rule says: no samples.

next suggestion?
someone sure wants our money :wink:

Is this where to sell? Recommend

Well you can ask Bangggod for support, as you can see the market needs something like this

Even stranger is that they dont wanna sell hosts too, no matter the quantity……


Have you ever seen china folks trading? I mean, person to person…you know, my company hired several chinese just to trade with Shenzhen…its the longest and most funnies phone talks i have ever heard in my entire life …sometimes it sounds like a scandal…and when i asked how is it going the sort answer from one of those huys was: well, you wont understand, its our way… things are exellent though :bigsmile:

i will definitely ask neal tomorrow…

Oh, I see.

Just getting that as a host would be great for a group buy… Lets work this and see who can come up with what… I already PM’d Neal about this light, I will ask about as a host too… Good find Mitko!!