Hooray! New Solarstorm BC-2 4x18650 battery (2S2P) case for bike lamps


The only specs listed by GB is this. Does old BC-01 comes with over-charging and over-discharging function? Wonder if there is a good charger for in-case charging.


Discount Coupon: New2S2P

Discounted price:$9.99

Kudos to ledoman for saving us a few cents! Coupon updated in first post.

nice find :slight_smile:

Ordered one tuesday :frowning: Edit;I just checked,charged under $11 :slight_smile: Can live with that,call it a tip.

This new version doesn't seem to have as waterproof of a connection between top & case as the old Pannova one. I just ordered two of the old ones from an Ebay seller a week or two ago. I was afraid these DIY cases were gone forever!


I think IPX4 is splash or is it spray proof at least not waterproof

So, who’s gonna send an email to the manufacturer, to make it atleast ipx-6.

It seems to me that they aren’t serious about it being waterproof without some kind of plug/cover for that USB port hanging off the cable.

I've mentioned before that I use $3,000 handheld ruggedized "data collectors" outdoors in all kinds of weather and these devices leave their ports not only open, but on top where they always get hit with rain & snow. Not once have we ever had a failure with any of our units. If your concerned you could always buy those USB dust plugs.


I can’t find an IP rating for the new Pannovo B-C18 but guessing it is the same unit as the Solarstorm

Or use some silicone to make a cap :slight_smile:

Since Solarstorm makes good diving lights as Dx4 and Dx3. I hope they can do the same, to ensure the compartment is dry even in heavy rain. I am a bit skeptical of the exposed usb port too.

What the heck, for $10 shipped I decided to order one to check it out… The one thing I do like about the new version is the built in protection and fuel gauge.

Yeah having protection built in on this one is a nice plus. Low voltage cut-off is awfully low though (unless someone tests that it's really higher).


I thought to buy Spark-s battery holder but since I do not have immediate need for bike light battery holder I could not force myself to spend 28$ but it’s definitely best bat. holder on the market (that I saw), I think it is worth the $.

And it also features optional USB port but this one you can remove when not in use…

That Spark one is 4.2v right?


I could not find this info but judging from the springs position I would say yes, all cells in parallel = 4.2V
It does say that it is meant for SX5 Spark headlamp and in the manual for this headlamp there is a warning

So, yeah, 4.2V Maybe 4x18650 2s2p holder from OSH projects thread would fit!

Huh? I didn't know there was an OSH project one.