Host and optics options for quads?

I haven’t built a quad yet, and would like to give it ago. What are the most popular options for host and optics?

I know the Eagle Eye X6 is popular. What driver diameter does it need? Any others hosts that are a good choice for quad? If possible, specify driver diameter required.

What optics options do I have? I know the 10621 carclo optics, but there are other options if I am not mistaken? I will be using 219C or XPL-HI LEDs, I don’t want to have to mod the optics to fit LEDs.

The EE X6 uses a 17mm driver.

Has anyone done a quad X6??? It would look a bit odd wouldn’t it? The quad carclo is 24 mm in diameter; the X6 is 35 mm at the front glass.

Then the carclo quad is 6 mm high and the triple ledil optic is 16 mm (I think). So there is a difference in total height which means you need a special spacer or other means to fill the space. Would be an interesting light.

As far as I know they are quite popular. A quick search reveals a few projects and heat sink sales:

What other hosts are people using?

P60 quads are quite popular.

Ledil have several quad optics solutions. I will probably have Cute-4SS next year.
Quad will provide visible difference (in comparation with triple) just in 2s2p config. You can look at hosts that can fit 2x26350 cells if you want to try it.
I suppose that the most popular quad with Carclo optics here is X5.

I only see triples in that link, no quads.

I’m currently only interested in one cell 18650 solutions for a quad. Planning on using 4 x XPL-HI or 219c in parallel.

apologies, I believe I submitted the wrong URL before.

I found a few others though:

example/inspiration for P60 quad on skylumen (VN)
example for quad P60 shell

P60 quad thread on reddit

I wanted to build a quad P60 once but ran out of parts and forgot about it. I’ll pick up my quad build in the New Year.

Convoy M2 Quad is by far my favorite over the X5 because the 18650.

But honestly, if you are willing to accept getting a defective light and having to fix or mod it…
I say the S41 or S41S is the best Quad for the looks and size. Install a Tpad Quad and file down a 24mm Carclo to 22mm and you are in business.

There isn’t yet a 32mm quad noctogon for the cute-4 optic so you’d probably have to use 4 x 10 mm sinkpads and center them yourself. Cutter has an aluminum non DTP version though. The simplest DIY option is a p60 copper shell with a copper tpad mcpcb and Carclo optic. Kiriba-Ru is the only one offering the shells ATM. Some custom vendors sell potted versions but then you’re stuck with their driver.

Almost forgot one of my favorite lights, the ThorFire VG10 is a great host for quads.

Can’t wait to see Nicolicous’ mod results!

Thanks. I looked through some of them and saw mention of the Solarforce L2T. I just remembered I have a L2T host laying around, I didn’t know it was a “P60” light. Still clueless in regards to what P60 actually means though, been more focused on Convoy hosts.

I have a few M2 hosts laying around. What parts did you sue for it? Carclo optics? And what kind of spacer?

To be honest, I sit with my driver designs and firmware too much. When it comes to building I really prefer not to have to bring out files and stuff. If possible I’ll go with stuff that fits without modifications.

Ahh, Kiriba-Ru is great to deal with. It’s P60 shells that are available? Mountain Electronics appear to have a few too.

Is this a P60 light?

Might as well ask… What does P60 actually mean? I guess it has something to do with dimensions.
(I couldn’t explain it better myself)

The Thorfire VG10 is not a P60 light, however I have read many times here at BLF that is a great light for multi-emitter builds. Have one sitting next to me but neither parts nor time for the build. the quad tpad is hard to get and with Christmas/NYE around the corner it has to wait until 2017.

Very interested in that quad Convoy M2. What parts were used?

Parts came from kiriba-ru. Not sure if they are still available.

Thanks. I’ve got two of the spacers and optics on the way from Kiriba-ru, so I guess I should be good to go.

What’s the reasoning behind the Tpad mcpcb and Carlco optic? Is there something inferior about the parts that come on the S41?

Newest versions of the S41S are “better” made because of the high failure rate previous versions had. I personally own 6 of the various S41 and S41S and today only 2 survive in original condition.
The ones I built using the Tpad Quad and Carclo were done to eliminate the failures they originally had. Check the last several pages of the S41S thread. Most all buyers received a replacement head because of the high failure rates. New replacements have a different optis support design and seem to be holding up so far.
But you can get the Tpad with your choice of XP size emitters and various optics. Also might as well install a quality driver so it doesn’t get stupid when warm. Yeah, another issue they have. Bistro FW drivers have user set thermal protection get one from Mountain Electronics along witht he other parts described and you will have a GOOD S41 or S41S.

I like the appearance of the S41 S41S, but ya’ got to wonder about buying one and then changing the driver, the MCPCB & Led’s and the optic. Ends up being an expensive light. :frowning:

Hey Don,
Absolutely… But before they revised the build most of us were left with a light that cost $30-65 that were now dead.
Just put all parts into cart on MtnE, including XP-L HI emitters X4 and a new FET+1 driver on Bistro and it comes to $44.
With a Dead S41 in hand I would rather spent the $44 on parts I know will last than take a chance on another Astrolux S41 or S41S.

Corners can be cut like excluding the $12 driver or spending a lot less for 219C. Tpad, 4X 219c and an optic come to $17.50
Say $30-$38 (on sale) for the light you are at $55 for a GOOD S41

M2 Quad build will cost
Host $16
Spacer kit $16 shipped
Tpad, 4X 219C, Driver and optic $29
total $61

Not cheap either way to build an 18650 quad. Oh, and I did not ad the extension tube to the S41, S41S, $3.5-7 depending on version.
And you can say “I built it.”

Yes, as a salvaging operation it makes some sense. However, I could not bring myself to buy one with the knowledge I might have to do such a rebuild to be happy with it. I almost bought one when they first were announced as I really liked the look of it. I’m still happy I procrastinated. An empty shell host would be nice, to me.