How about a compact thrower for the next BLF Special Edition?

Always wanted a pocket thrower but there are simply too many "BLF version" lights lately. Unless it is as interesting as X6-SE, then it is worth the effort for GB.

Oh yes! I love Shadow flaslights, and with the big reflector and single 18650 it is the right set-up IMO. Just the side-switch I do not care much for, but there's enough people who do appreciate it, and it gives plenty UI options. :-)

^ what’s the lumen and candela output of something like that… what diam is the reflector on this TC500 head?

The reflector seems to be roughly ~55mm diameter, the lumens would be whatever led+driver you put into it (on a XP-L Hi it could be 1100lm if you drive it well), the throw on this XP-L Hi could be up to 170kcd, on a XP-G2 well over 200 kcd (correct me if I'm wrong please)

Oooh I LIKE!

Cross pollinate:

I will prolly buy a few of the price is right

Maybe with 26650?
I don’t like those thin bat-tubes, especially when the light has a big head.

I raised the idea in the Blf A6 thread a while ago also to plant the seed for the next design

The D80 BLF group buy is kind of a pocket thrower already. This is nice, but not quite so pocket-friendly :slight_smile:

I think it would look much better with the larger diameter of a 26650 battery tube.
Or it could come with 2 tubes, one for 18650 and one for 26650…………

This has to stop……….5 differnt tints, 12 UI’s, 9 different colored lights, belt clip, pocket clip, money clip, eco-frendily ………….

I’ve been pushing for an 18650 HD2010 for a while now, maybe even an 14500 HD2010. Oh well… Maybe Old-Lumens will do a run while he’s practicing…

For the record, a de-domed XP-G2 in an EE X6 does 103Kcd when pushed hard. :wink:

Does this count? I don’t have a HD2010 to compare. I don’t like the tailcap threads and would prefer square cut. A bigger pill for 20mm MCPCB. They are a manufacturer and should be able to make the changes we require. If they don’t want to do what we require, we’ll just go to a manufacturer who will. COUGH Manker COUGH.

I would like a pocket thrower, but only if it does 250+kcd (I already own a Olight MX3S-UT Javelot).

I would love a BLF high performance pocket thrower. Despite what they way, size does matter. I know a thrower is not really that pocket friendly, but a single cell, reasonable size light is something I would jump into another group buy for. I like Dale’s idea of a 18650 HD 2010, driven hard, maybe even with an aspheric lens, if that would help the throw. I just don’t know if anyone wants to get another project like this going right now. As we can tell from the A6 group buy, these things take a lot of time and effort on the part of those organizing them.

I like the one in the OP too. The size looks great. I wonder what kind of throw numbers we could all agree on for something like this, because smaller size is going to (probably) reduce the maximum throw somewhat.

I have been intrigued with this thread->$10.34 pocket thrower.
It is truly a pocket light.

I have no idea how I missed that light Jubeldum, that’s perfect for a thrower seems to me like.

Now, if we could get it scaled down to a 14500 cell….

One like this?