How does a Convoy signal low battery condition ?

Hello Pete7874, You are correct, I stand corrected. It is 3/5, I disabled the strobe and sos.

Damn, i hope you were able to get your $3K back :person_facepalming:

What certification does Convoy have?

I have a M21B GT40C, it’s set to option 1.6
It started blinking every few seconds Imgur: The magic of the Internet
I took the battery out and it’s 3.3v which is still normal operating voltage.

I reprogram the option and remove the same battery and it’s still blinking.

A freshly charged battery is fine.

Is this normal? It seems the LVP is quite high.

Just a guess, but maybe it’s tripping LV warning due to voltage sag on your (significantly depleted) cell. 3.3V is pretty low.

The switch of my Convoy 4x18a just blinking red/orange last night and the light was dimming. Now I am recharging all its four 18650 cells.