How it started...

…and how it’s going…

Love to see your pics too.

For years I had this little cheap metal torch running on 3xAAA with 9 old school LEDs in it. It would work okay for awhile, then once the batteries lost about half their charge it would take multiple clicks to turn on but would turn off randomly. And I get into the bedroom late at night and my wife would complain the light woke her. It was a cool white beam. After spending some time here, I ended up ordering the grey S2+ then discovered it came in colours. The orange one arrived first. Fell in love with it, learned I could switch drivers and emitters, got a few more tools, etc. The rest is history ongoing!

Nice collection of S2+s Aussiemandias!

But wait, you don’t have the plain old black one? That’s my favorite color. And what about silver (clear)? Here are mine. And I have a pink one on order.

I like colours! :smiley: Where do you get a pink one?! Nice set.

How it ended.

Haha, nice! I pondered getting the S21A set of 4 and doing that.

Those looks like DNA!

This is the pink S2+ I’m waiting for: S2 PLUS LED FLASHLIGHT HOST 118MM X 24MM - PINK.

The Kaidomain hosts are of great quality.

Interesting, thanks. Is it a clone, or genuine host and they anodise it?

That’s a good question. I’m not sure how any of these aftermarket Convoy products are made available beyond the official Convoy flashlight Store.

I normally buy from Simon for my Convoy flashlights, but will purchase elsewhere if I need to.

Yeh, I like to support vendors directly but in this case Simon doesn’t offer pink and my wife asked me if I could find it. So cheers! :+1:

Hmmmm actually that color looks a lot like Rodamine or Mulberry perhaps. I guess Kaidomain got the color right but the name wrong? Or is it the color wrong and the name right? Plus their web page takes forever to load.

That’s some serious bling, right there! Awesome shot.

Thanks TIFisher! I do like my lighted tailcaps. And the S2+s are very easy to mod.

My order should be coming any day now so I can take a picture of it, along with my other colors so you can compare. So far the Kaidomain photos are pretty close to the actual color of the flashlights, but YMMV (your monitor may vary).

It started with Black S2+

I saw an S2+ rainbow a long time ago and never thought I have one myself.

…But it’s difficult to stop at 1 :heart_eyes:

S2+ has many permutations of emitters, reflectors, drivers, colors, and tons of parts. It’s a nearly perfect as stock for EDC and as a modding host for low expense, low difficulty projects.

What’s missing in my S2+ collection is Copper, Silver and Tan. (I’m cheating a little bit the brown is baked S2.)

Now that is a bright rainbow of S2+s flightless22! The pink one looks like a Kaidomain host, but I could be wrong.

Where did the yellow/gold one come from? I’m asking for a friend. :smiling_imp:

Yep the pink is from kaidomain. The yellow is actually a brass light. Discussion and tear down of it is here

That’s really nice! Absolutely agree it’s difficult to stop at 1. The silver and the black don’t appeal to me but I may get them eventually just to round it out.

So I’ve ordered the pink for Mrs Aussie. Then I can get my purple back from her clutches. I’ve already bought her her own cyan.

Now wait until you find out about Emisar Lights, they have colors too.

Then your Astrolux, Lights.

Now most are not so rainbow in colors but some have nice options of colors that people like. Not a huge color snob but it is nice when my lights match my pocket knife and other things rattling around in the pockets. Some of the Greens match up well with my benchmade 940 :slight_smile: