How to kill a bug ?

Marigold plants. Got about a half dozen of them on the deck. No flying insects at all. Get ten feet away from them and the buggers will carry you off. Dryer sheets inside a ball cap worn on your head will ward off the no see’ms. Vanilla extract dabbed around your ears, nose, whatever works well too. I tell ya though, those marigold plants work wonders.

If you feel like shelling out $100 or so. Those foggers work great too. Not exactly good for the environment or your breathing most likely but, bungee cord it to a riding lawnmower or ATV, making a few laps of the area around where you will be. Works wonders. Every hour do another lap. Your kids may be born with 3 heads but no skeeters are messing with ya.

Ah, marigolds, those’re the ones I was looking for. Couldn’t recall what, was stuck on citronella, but dunno the plant version of that.

These beasties always always always go for my ankles, back-of-knees, places I gather blood vessels are especially close to the surface and/or skin is thinnest.

It’s the damned gnats that always bite my head…

I got pyrethrin concentrate and a pump-type sprayer (ie, build up air-pressure inside), but gotta be careful ’cause that’s not the healthiest for cats, and I got those critters coming around for food (and are always getting bitten-up, especially their ears).

And 3 heads are better’n 1, so I’m not terribly worried about that.

I was wondering about a nice 1W blue laser, just zap the beasties instantly, but the slightest reflection means instant blindness, so…

(And with top-notch goggles for protection, you won’t even see where the beam’s going. :confounded: )

Permethrin is not good for cats when it is wet. But if you spray your clothes and let them dry away from cats, then they are safe for you and your cat. It helps with mosquitoes and kills ticks too. But sometimes the mosquitoes will bite before they die. Still, when a group of people with permethrin treated clothes are hanging around together, you do not see any mosquitoes at all.

One of my early favorite lights was a EDI-T P-4 that had a 219A Nichia swapped in it which my nephew said he used to kill a bug with . A few days later the whole thought started becoming clearer when the light started flickering and I spotted a new nick in the head .

He'd beat the bugger to death with a flashlight . For an 8 year old it made perfect sense .

These are the ones the wife has planted around in very similar flower boxes. These are not a pic of hers, just one I found on the Googler that are about the same. She got them from a local nursery. I don’t recall them being very expensive. They smell pretty good too.

Great topic Boaz :D

I have a step by step guide for indoors (at night) as well:

Especially blasting X amount of lumens is the trick! They get blinded and feel nice warm... won't fly away.... and bammmmm


You already do.

BTW, for anyone who enjoys the kind of humor in the OP, The Far Side appears to be making a comeback.

I think we all need video of this^

I’d suffer through the bites as long as they’d still die.

There’s some confusion between pyrethrin and permethrin, so I gotta be especially careful about what gets near the cats.

Mmmm, we had them when I was a kid, think they came in combinations of red and orange, too. Missed them.

Come to think of it, I didn’t really get bit all that much when I was a kid, except when playing ball in the street or whatnot.

Wellp, there’s a difference between accidentally and unknowingly eating bugs, and usually small enough to be nondescript, and actually frying up some cockaroaches and munching on ’em like popcorn.

Same like eating out. You’d like to think no one sneezes on the food, scratches his crack with the serving spoon, etc., but it might very well happen. Ignorance is bliss.


well the yellow jackets are just starting to get pesky so i may have the opportunity to make a video of them going out with a bang.
my neighbors son loves to kill them with this toy.
he will get 100 on a good evening in the fall.
those are not gunshots those are wasps dieing!

Mmmm, after going all summer without seeing all that many yellowjackets around here at all, it seems they just now discovered the Secret Location of daily catfood deposits.

I may have to whip up something like that…

Got any pics of the resistor you clipped to use an 18650 and more power? I have the same tennis racket, and it works like a charm for a cheap piece of harbor freight doo doo for the time being. But hey, it can’t hurt to have a little more power and use my laptop pulls to toast bugs.

Its like a 10m across the big cap.
And i got some big film caps at midwest surplus in fairborn oh.
Iirc mine are .1uf 1600v
Got lucky i guess.
Most larger capacitance hv caps are way too big to fit and prohibitively expensive.
Larger capacitance=bigger bang for your bug!

well the yellow jackets faded fast here.
so maybe next fall we will have a video of yellow jacket massacre.

I once captured a wasp inside my apartment with a Dyson vacuum with one of those clear collection bins. No matter how long I spun him around in the running vacuum, he just wouldn’t die. I used a 500mW green laser to cook him right through that clear plastic bin. That did the trick.

The market in Oaxaca Mexico has huge piles of roasted crickets or grasshoppers. People buy buy bags full for cooking. The best restaurant in town has cricket enchiladas on the menu. And in Mexico City at least one fine restaurant has ant eggs on the menu. Guess it depends upon where you grow up, escargot anyone?

Just exchanged email with someone about that t’other day, oddly enough.

Went to Canada on a ski-trip, spent the day in Montreal, some of us broke off to hit a McD’s, the others a fancy schmancy French restaurant. God, how everything’s slathered in cream sauce… Anyway, one of our group ordered escargot in the cutesy little ceramic dishes with individual holes for each snail. His reaction was meh. Not horrible, not great, just meh.

I’m not even a fan of clams. Nice taste, but like chewing on pencil-erasers. So I prefer them finely minced to near microscopic bits like in canned chowder. Calamari? Like eating weatherstripping…

Still, to me, the idea of eating something that should be sprayed or stomped on just doesn’t appeal.

Now, someone explain to me what could possibly entice someone to create and eat “maggot cheese”.