How to Post Images on BLF

I have a hard enough time with just one button on my flashlight.

Thank you Raccoon.

You can use any source you want to host the pics. Some are better than others.

Just use like I do.

Works very well :slight_smile:

is the pic posted only on here?

Are you saying posted or hosted?

The picture has to be uploaded and stored on a website other than BLF.

The BLF website is small and does not have storage space for people to upload a lot of pictures to.

no I meant is the picture only visible on here?

Yes. It will be seen wherever you copy and paste the picture link.

Thanks for the info, racoon city. I was just trying to post my 1st picture on BLF using my free Photobucket account which I’ve had for several years and which has always worked fine for posting pictures in forums. Unfortunately, it seems that STUPID Photobucket has changed their policies and they now watermark pictures with a big, unsightly Photobucket watermark if you have their free account and not a paid one. Had to delete the photo because the friggin watermark is huge and covered a key element of the photo. I’ll for sure need to find another free photo hosting site, and will likely try one of the ones previously mentioned here.

On a side note, I wonder if pictures that I’ve posted on other forums over the years now have a watermark on them. Anyone know offhand if that might be the case or not?

There will be a notice instead of a photo now. F&@$ photobucket

Free accounts on Photobucket should work, just with a watermark. As opposed to not working at all.

Yeaaa! That took me awhile. ( technically challenged )

That big rock took me awhile too



Since nobody has posted a howto for Google yet, here’s one if anyone is interested.

If you want to use google photos, I’m going to assume it’s because you already use it and know how to upload photos to google. I’m not going to cover that.

So, if you want to use google photos as a free image hosting service, here’s how I do it.

Here’s a photo I took with my phone just to see if you would be able to see Jupiter and Venus on a phonetograph. It’s already on google photos:

Click on the share icon (the left-most on the upper right).

Than click the “Create Link” button (looks like two links in a chain).

That shares your photo so anyone can access and gives you a link (URL) that you can share. Don’t use that link directly on BLF.

Copy that link, and open it in another tab in your browser. That takes you to an album page showing the image you just shared. Click on the image. Then on that page, right click on the image and select “Copy Image Location” or whatever your browser says that’s simlar:

Now, you finally have a URL that is suitable for use on BLF. I use the Simple Post Editor, so I just click on the “Image” icon, and then paste the URL into the “Image URL” field, and the “(OPTIONAL) Link to URL” field in case folks don’t like the relative width I choose.

If you want to make sure you did it correctly, log out of google (or use a different browser where you’re not logged in to google), and view your post. If it works when you’re not logged in to google, it should work for everyone.

If you’re sharing a whole lot of photos, you can create a new album then share/create a link to the album. Then you only have to do that step once. After you open the shared link, you can just click on each photo in the album, and get individual URLs for each photo without having to share each photo from google.




“Now that Photobucket no longer offers free image hotlinking we need a new guide.”

What am I missing and/or don’t understand? I use Photobucket and choose the direct link. Seems to work, but I did just read a post, from someone in Australia, who said they couldn’t see my images. What hosting site is the most reliable?

I have learned that choosing 100% when linking a picture allows it to fit well with the device used to view the site.


one thing about imgur is, it is sometimes blocked by firewalls [say at work].