How to Post Images on BLF

This won’t work either, and apparently the file is private if I’m not mistaken.

I have not followed the discussion closely, but is there a reason you’re not using

Google Drive makes it even harder than Flickr to uncover the actual image URL.

Try instead.

I found this among hundreds of lines :

Let me try again :



Another try :

edited to make it less messy…

^ that kinda works?

I’m sorry if I’m making trouble here.
here’s another try. With Flickr.

You linked to a thumbnail as opposed to a higher res image.

You’re right, i can’t make it work with Google Drive.
it kinda works with Flickr.
yup, it works ok with Flickr.

You’re correct again.

I then compared my post with the post of Mr. Unheard , i found the difference , mine ended with “_t.jpg” :person_facepalming: , i thought maybe “t” means thumbnail.?
Unheard’s has “_b.jpg” . I don’t know what “b” means here, but for next image I changed the _t with _b and it shows higher res image

a little edit for the typo

Here’s what I’ve got so far. I’m still learning, hopefully this will be useful for other people learning/trying to post image on BLF.
I created Flickr account yesterday, for the sole purpose of posting image on BLF. Free account can have 1000 images (or is it 999?). I uploaded a few images for testing. Created “Album” , etc, etc, etc …

That’s the EASY part.

Next, how to actually shows the image on blf post??? It was a huge and complicated puzzle to me. I tried with Flickr and failed. I tried with my Google Drive and Google Photo and it’s even worse/waaay mooooore COMPLICATED.

So I got back to Flickr. Following good advices in this thread. Tanks so much guys …

I’m on my phone. It maybe easier on PC / laptop. It’s doable on phone.

With Firefox browser on an Android phone:
Open, etc, etc .
Open Flickr (also on Firefox browser on my phone) . Several tabs of and several tabs of .

The key is Page Source .
On Flickr : open album, select one image.
Click “three-dot thingy” on top right corner of Firefox browser , click “Page” , then click “View Page Soure”.

Then new tab opens . There’re hundreds of lines. Click “three-dot thingy” again, click “Find in page” , to find the image file name, type “.jpg” in the “search” field , and I find something like this :

… src=“//”

Use this line:

and add “https:”

So it becomes :”

That creates/shows thumbnail.

For higher-res image, change the “_t” with “_b” .

So it becomes :”

and shows higher-res image.

Now you can decorate your post on BLF with your own decorative flashlight images (or any image you like) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Let me try again (now it has “_m” instead of “_t” ? ) :

Let me experiments again with “_b” ( change the _m with _b ) :

Learnt new things again :

_t = thumbnail .
_m is larger than _t .
_b is larger than _m .

Yup, not extremely simple at all. But it works.


Unfortunately doesn’t work at all. I can’t even open on my browser.


With Google Drive I can’t get the “Page source” .

With imgur, Unfortunately I can’t even open on my browser .
Also, when I read posts on blf, many posts with images from imgur often don’t display the images. Only empty boxes (rectangular). I knew it’s imgur from when i click and “Open in new tab” the new tab/page (… … ) is also blank .
Sometimes they show images , and next day they don’t. I think the problem is on my browser not in those posts.


So for now, Flickr is the only way for me. Free account. Only 1000 images, I think that’s definitely more than enough for me.


Again, thanks very very very much for the tutorial and advices in this thread.
Now I feel I’m more blf than yesterday :smiley: :smiley:

Another try :

Try, it’s good

Shows for me.

I have tried flickr first, then is easier to upload images to, and somehow much simpler also to create album, etc, etc. It’s very easy to navigate.
And all types of url of every image are displayed clearly, very simple to copy the direct link of the image, hence very simple to post the image on blf.

I’m on my Android phone (I very rarely use pc/laptop) , overall much better experience with
At first I was rather reluctant to try and use coz I don’t understand German at all :person_facepalming: . Translator came to the rescue… :smiley: :smiley:
With Firefox browser, I use “Translate this page” add-on, single click to translate the whole page into English, therefore no more language barrier. After a few times uploading images no need to translate the page coz it’s very easy to navigate, it only takes a few simple clicks.

Thanks. Now I’m glad that it actually works :slight_smile: FTW !! :smiley:

What country are you in?
Maybe they are blocking imgur.

I’m in The UPS , United … I’m Not kidding :smiley: .
I mean United Planets of Solar-system. :slight_smile: , let me tell you those Martians are flashaholics. They have one-million-lumens flashlight for every citizen :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

To be exact though, I’m in Indonesia.
Is it likely the government or imgur (or United Nations?) that doesn’t allow the access ?
Anything like this ever happened in your planet? I mean in your county?

It’s really common for certain countries to block certain websites. If you were in the USA I would really be scratching my head as to why it didn’t work. Seeing as how you’re in Indonesia, that’s probably why it’s not working.

Hello, it’s me again !
Here’s another image-hosting+image-posting-experiment of mine … :sunglasses: :nerd_face:

Hosting site :
Device : Android phone , with Firefox browser
Image : guess what ?


Test :


It works, no ?

Let me know what you see :
A. twinkle twinkle little stars …


B. flashlight parts (what are they?)



:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

You seem to have posted a single image of the Convoy S2+ and Samsung 30Q

Seeing it fine. :+1: