How trustworthy are Sofirn batteries?

This thread is about Sofirn.

I don’t have a type k thermocouple yet so the temp could definitely be a little higher.

I got the pro version which is calibrated to be quite accurate according to Mooch but with of course the mentioned voltage drop. Mooch’s cba is only drawing 10% of the load to keep it as accurate as possible.

I really only purchased mine to confirm the cells I sell are genuine

We should all remember that Sofirn doesn’t actually make batteries. All of their cells are rewraps from other companies so we have to take each battery model on a case-by-case basis. Some will be better than others and they may change cells under the wrap over time.

Ohh, I thought it was somewhat into high drain cells since other brands are mentioned throughout the thread. I gotta learn to read closer what’s the main topic before posting. My bad :person_facepalming:

Yup. That’s one of the risks with buying cells from a re-wrapper. You never really know what you’re getting, even when you’ve tested previous samples.

But, hey, Sofirn includes these cells for “free”. You can’t really expect too much from them.

Concerning cell rewrappers you should start thinking and believing higher (in case you're not doing so already). Believe in honest cell rewrappers without bait and switch or other product degrading practices. Sofirn is not gifting their batteries, and neither is forcing you to buy them.

I've seen some pictures of unwrapped Sofirn cells and it looks like they do not remove OEM wraps, they just add theirs above (see: What's under the wrapper (Sofirn + Thorfire 18650s)). This is nice and I hope for them to continue doing so. It is our right to know what exactly we are buying.


P.S.: What you think matters, what you believe defines your experience.

From Convoy AliExpress store for the new M21A

I can confirm the Sofirn 21700 has no OEM wrap underneath

Here’s my test of the Sofirn 18650 3000mAh

Here’s the Sofirn vs the NCR18650GA

I purchased a bulk lot of 100pcs and the above test is from that lot. I have another cell the same from 1 year ago and it performed much much worse. They’ve changed cells within the last 6 –8 months

Current cell - 65.8mm with white OEM wrap
Old cell - 66.3mm with pink OEM wrap

Measurements are taken excluding the button top

Who’s qoute is this? It is completely false.

Simon from Convoy

Do you know where he said this and if someone has corrected him yet?

Go onto his AliExpress store and look at the description on his new 21700 models

Okay, I think he was talking about battery diameter and that double wrapped cells won’t fit in his particular flashlights.

He is not saying anything about their quality, etc… We know Vapcell, Sofirn and Lishen 21700 cells are really good quality.

I don’t know what cells have single wrappers and what cells have double wrappers so I can’t comment on that part.

You might want to shrink your pictures like this, they are really huge.

Yours were larger lol

I’ve reduced the size

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On my Advanced tab is says Dimensions: _ x_ - like width times height. I put 100% in the first box, nothing in the second box and unchecked the “constrain preportions”. It worked! I would not have thought to try that. Thanks.

Sofirn 26650 5500mAh - Red Line
Sofirn 26650 5000mAh HD - Black Line

5A - CBA 0.01v drop
10A - CBA 0.02v drop
15A - CBA 0.03v drop
20A - CBA 0.04v drop

I’m surprised how close they perform. You’d think they were the same cell minus some capacity. The button top of the HD cell would be adding resistance so I wonder if that’s it’s limitation.

Well, you can certainly set the proportional size in General tab -> Dimensions. In doing so, the image will fill that much screen width in any case. As an example, this ROFL emoji at 30%:

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