How would this go with a MT-G2?

Could there be such thing as a MT-G2 thrower? Using this reflector?

No. Lots of discussion on here already. Please read this: DrJones - Flashlight Optics - Dome, Dedoming and Throw

If your after a largish reflector I'm happy with this one that I have used with the MTG-2.

Please spare yourself on that Fasttech reflector. It’s far from a quality piece, even if you can get it delivered still resembling a circle…

And the term thrower is up for interpretation around here. Some consider a C8 to be one, others don’t consider anything less than 200kcd to be one… so to each their own. :beer:

Good point JaredM, much more equitable than my stance. :wink:

An MT-G2 is not a led for a "thrower" and the term thrower is very much disputed by most everyone around here. What it means to you is what you end up wanting. Some people want to reach out 100 feet, some 10,000 yards. Some want a laser point dot just as far as it can go and some want a large spot with just as many lumens as you can put out. It's all up to you, but there are plenty of threads here showing how to make a thrower and none of them will be made from an MT-G2. Look for small dies like XR-E, XP-E, XP-G, etc. Then over amp them, to get some lumens out of them and pick a light that is designed for throwing, de-dome the led and then start working on focusing it for the tightest spot, by moving the reflector in relation to the led. It's a fun way to spend the day.

Just put in thrower in the search box and start reading. That ought to drive you as crazy as the rest of us.

Thanks for the link wight, I’ll have to read that a few times before I completely understand it! So am I incorrect in thinking that a larger reflector will produce a more intense hotspot with any given LED?
Old-Lumens, I understand the MT-G2 isn’t designed to be a thrower but with a massive reflector would it throw more than say a dedomed C8? I’ve just started this ‘not so budget’ phase of buying and modding torches so I consider a dedomed C8 to be a sort of thrower :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay tuned, I’m currently simulating a bunch of Emitter/Reflector combinations using raytrace software to be able to answer this exact kind of question.
Not in a really scientific way (using vfx/3d software) but good enough for a builders guide and with hopefully good visuals showing hotspot size and character and how that relates to the type of reflector employed.
I already posted some images investigating the best focus for a quad die of the XHP-70 here

I’ll also be touching on getting emitters perfectly in focus and how to verify using the projected hotspot, of course I’ll also show how various sized and depth reflectors affect the hotspot and corona of a specific sized/shaped emitter.

A series of images may be something like, given a max reflector diameter and fixed emitter size, how does simply adjusting the depth (by scaling and truncating the paraboloid correctly) of the reflector affect the projected hotspot. That should help explain what people are talking about when it comes to choosing the right reflector for a “throwy” light. The old debate of the deeper C8 reflector vs the shallower one and how that actually changes the character of the hostpot comes to mind :wink:

I often see questions like this…“How big/deep a reflector do I need to make a certain larger emitter throw similar to a smaller one”
Hopefully it will go some way to help answer that kind of question for people.

Sounds like it will be really helpful! I’ll be patient then

Theres quite a few MTG-2 leds in different reflectors here of night shots in the first two posts if you can wade through them. Some have the same reflector but with XML-2 as well.

Yes, you could probably get some decent throw from a dedomed MT-G2 with that reflector. I tried the 110mm reflector from FT with a dedomed MT-G2. Had a tight hotspot and lots of spill. Very useful beam. I didn't measure throw though. Just wanted a quick impression. I think those FT reflectors are pretty decent. They are very thin though. So they are very easy to dent.

Ah yes, good resource. I love those beamshots.

I used this exact combo in last year’s DIY build comp, & never got around to calculating the throw.

Until just now.

Direct drive, with 25R’s 2S2P, measured @ 10m, 160kcd.

Is it a “thrower”? You decide… :beer:

I forgot how long this thread was.

^ Ah, yes. FmC's amazing build. I was thinking that was a 100mm reflector. So that means I have 110mm reflector too because I remember I almost used the same reflector in my scratch build attempt. Corrected my post up above.

160kcd with a dome is very good. Seems 300 with a dedome would be well within reach. Maybe higher with a buck driver and higher current. In my book, that's a real thrower. Screw pencil beams. We're talking light up a big area far away thrower here.

FMC, I added a link to your build and to the above measurement to the MT-G2 throw thread. Do you know what current the emitter was probably getting when that measurement was taken?

Somehow, while ordering a 42mm, I ordered that same one (reflector only) by mistake but at $3.21, it’s not a big deal. I have no use for a big, floody reflector but I have plenty of old LEDs on aluminum that need homes.

Sorry, I can’t give you an amperage reading to go with that….whatever 4*Samsung 25r’s 2S2P will pump out in DD.

I think I bench tested prior to assembly with 2* LG HE2’s, with crappy thin jumper cables, & read around 6.5 Amps at the emitter. I’d expect it to be a fair bit higher though due to the heavy gauge wiring used in the final build.

You are right when you say “big area thrower” - when taking a reading with the lux meter, I didn’t have to ‘hunt’ around to get the peak number - the hot-spot was at least a foot (30cm) round @ 10m.

^ Thank you FmC. I'll update the OP.