Huge 60-80%+ off closeout sale! Niwalker, Xeno, Crelant

I am also interested in the list :slight_smile:

interested in the broken lights list

Someone bought all the broken lights. If I come up with anything else, I’ll post. I probably have 5-10 more lights for sale soon, then that’ll be about it.

Also, I just remembered these hosts never sold: WTS: 3 Torchlite Shooter 26650 DIY host lights

$35 anyone?

Bux sent for the Torchlites and Xenos. :slight_smile:

Got any Black Cat (made in Gemany) lights floating around? :laughing:

I still want one…

Just got my Black Xeno EO3 and diffusers. Arrived in perfect condition thank you.

I would like to buy the F7 Neutral White XM-L2 — $20. Please advise on shipping cost. Thank You.

I will take 2 tw15 diffuser wands for e03 and the blue neutral white e03. Thanks.

$3.50 for shipping for the F7. You have my paypal info, so feel free to send money if you’d like to order. Thanks

The E03 NW with light wear for $7? PM me for paypal info thanks

Paypal sent. Thanks.

Money sent and item is one the way. Thanks.

I Didn’t think that. I actually was just pming boaz about how those g10’s were built like tanks. We also figured WE would be buying them from YOU

Unless I will be on the verge of becoming homeless I will not be selling my Xenos. I have a couple of Xeno R7’s. Those are built like super tanks. This is a nice clearance sale. Wonder if those Xeno cubes will ever be discounted. Those are pricey little buggers.

I’ll take a Xeno F7-cool white

Sure $15 + $3.5 shipping. You know where to send money. Thanks

Got the lights. Very happy with them. Lots of old school charm in them. Sending you a pm

Thank you for the amazing prices! I can’t take advantage of the sale though.

yeah I was looking really hard at that G10v1 . looked very sweet in like a light army green .

I had a nice light bluish grey farka F8v5 and a chocolate brown xeno f8v6 . The machining, the subtle colors and nice ano put on some of their more expensive lights were very impressive.

nice grab .

Just got the SF Skyline 1’s, thanks! The head is about 1/2in thick aluminum, and only light I’ve seen with a retaining ring for the glass lens

Interested in

Balder BD-1 XP-E R2 Cool White: $7
Balder BD-2 XM-L U2 Cool White: $10
Xeno F7 Cool White XM-L2 — $15
Xeno E03 Red Neutral White XM-L2 — $13
Xeno TW15 Diffuser Wand for Xeno E03 — $3