Hugsby XP-2

You are probably right there, someone mentioned a much lower light output on the Fake ones.

Need pretty good eyesight, or huge magnification, to spot the construction differences in those fake LED’s on that thread.

“Fire it up and see the difference” seems to be the only sure way of telling. Too late if it’s been drop-shipped from the other side of the World.

One way of testing Customer Services I suppose :smiley:

This little light flat out rocks!!! I bought the little light thinking I would mod it somehow. After getting it though I quickly determined there wasnt anything I could do to this little light. It was already there straight out of the box.

I am curious though about adding a 10440 3.7v battery since the 2 (aaa) version is 3.0 volts.

Has anyone tried it yet>?

I recently bought 2 hugsby xp-2. I’m quite impressed with them. I’m looking to buy more. I thought I read it here that someone changed the led. Am I wrong? I can’t find a way. It looks to me that the top is pressed on or pressure fit. I took the driver out to see if the led was attached to it but I can see the wires go up into the holes in the head where the led is glued to with hat looks like ermal paste or apoxy. I took a couple pictures of the driver and the inside of the head. I’m new here so I don’t think I can post pics.

The fake Hugsby XP-1 comes apart easy. Top unscrews from the base of the head where the knurled and smooth parts meet. If the real Hugsby assembles the same way, it must be glued. I can’t get the top off my real XP-2 where my fake XP-1 comes apart easy.

I bought both the XP-1 and XP-2, moved the XP-2 head onto the XP-1 body and used a 10440. Works fine and VERY bright.


I’ve tried to remove it. I don’t want to break it. Anyways its a nice light. Don’t think I need to do much to it. I would like modes though. Anyone know any drivers with modes for a light show small?

1AAA 3W LED Voltage-step up 10mm circuit board (19 modes 3 groups)

Thanks but this won’t work for what I want it to do. This will only work with 1 aaa battery. I need something for 2 aaa battery applications. A min of 3 to 4.2v max.

The Hugsby XP-2 comes apart the same as the fake. The threads are glued, but I got it off with the help of my pliers and strap wrench.

I wrapped the rubber of the strap wrench around the bottom of the head, held it in place with my pliers so it wouldn’t mess up the finish, then gripped the knurled part with my finger and thumb and just unscrewed it. It was easy.

I got some Nichia 219C on 10mm SinkPad from RMM’s sale that needs a home. I wonder where they can go. :bigsmile:

A number of us have used this one (AK-007) with both AA and 10440s:

And these will take at least 3.7 to 4.2 volts? The specs show only for 1 AAA @ 1.5vv. Has the rating changed?

- AK-007 1*AA regulated power output

- 11.9 mm diameter base

- Voltage: 0.8~1.5V

  • 3-Mode: High (100); Low (15); 9HZ


As far as I’m aware, the official specs have never changed, but yes, I use it with 10440, and one of the 2 reviews on their website says similar (although it calls it 10450 :laughing:. Also, there’re posts about it here in various threads I think.

Are you using this driver in a hugsby xp-1 or 2 or another?


Oops. Sorry, you’re right. I should’ve been clearer.

I’ve used this in an XP-1 with 1x10440, but also used it in XP-2 with 1x10440 + 1 x AAA dummy battery.

So this driver would work in an XP-2 with 2xAAA (or 1x10440 + 1xdummy, like I use), but it’ll probably be a little dimmer with the 2xAAA I guess.


Where can I get a dummy battery?

Ebay has them :slight_smile:

What led’s have you used with this driver? I’m looking to use the XP-G2 R5

Why use a R5 bin when there are S3 and S4 bins?
Sinkpad XP 10mm Copper MCPCB


I destroyed one of the heads getting it apart (there’s an older thread around here somewhere with my pics) so I saw that it had a tiny star, so I decided that I’d just try the AK-007 driver with the existing emitter, which is what I did in another light (actually twice). So the answer is I tried the driver with the original emitter.


I guess because I don’t know the difference. I can get those for $2 on a 8mm heatsink base already. What’s the advantage? Better color? Brighter?