Husky Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife (5-Piece) for $14.88

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But no extra blades are included.

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We have a thread for these deals over in the buy\well area. It’s a little slow lately our main contributor is MIA.

Al, have you read the site rule about affiliate links?
(upper left corner of the page under Main Menu)

I’m guessing the

portion of the link you posted is one of those.
Or maybe not, do you know what it does?

I highly doubt home depot has an affiliate program…
More likely its a link he got from an email and that’s Google add space tracking info. It’s so google can quantify the advertising they charge for. If you actually want to order you can remove the “-clickid” and everything after.

More likely than anything else all that tracking link will get ActoveAI is more spam emails (since Google now sees he actually reads and even clicks the links)

That makes sense, thanks CK.

Sure enough, when I googled “clickid” I found

and much much else, including for example